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Drainage page, simply speaking, can bring traffic to the site page. Usually after the site mining a large number of keywords, according to the needs of the corresponding design. Below the White River for you to introduce a good drainage page four elements.

1, Massive page

Hot keyword competition is often very intense, ranking difficult. Web site to bring flow through the drainage page, must do a lot of long tail keywords, although each keyword to the site to bring the flow of traffic is not much, but the number of these pages added to the site will be very large traffic.

Generally speaking, the website that can embody the long tail effect should have at least tens of thousands of pages, hundreds of thousands of to millions is also very common.

2, according to the Principle of SEO Organization page

We designed these drainage pages to get traffic from the search engines. Therefore, when the user experience and search engine rankings can not be taken into account, first to rank. After all, you have to have the flow to come to talk about the user experience.

Drainage page should pay attention to title and description writing, the layout of the page plate, the use of various weight tags, the richness of the page elements, as much as possible to integrate the long tail words into the page design.

3. As many internal chain resources as possible

When the number of Web pages is large enough, the role of the inner chain is often larger than the chain. Although each of the internal chain to the weight of the page is not high, but hundreds of pages added, will be the target page rankings have great benefits.

4, original content

Search engine constantly in the emphasis on the original page, so, we organize content, but also to ensure that our page content, the search engine seems to be original, so that the ranking of our pages and the weight of the site will also have great benefits.

Above 4 points is we in the Design website drainage page time to consider the question, how to operate concretely, also need stationmaster to according to own website actual situation to decide. Article finishing: The United States Red Maple, reproduced Please indicate the origin of the link form.

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