Great business opportunities in Dragon Boat Festival, fierce competition

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Just past the Dragon Boat Festival for many businesses also means a small business opportunities. According to Suning easy to buy sales data for nearly a week, the distribution of the 三、四级 market in order to increase the number of orders last week 430%, especially in the off-site shopping orders suddenly increased to suning easy to buy this week the total number of orders 20%, Suning easy to purchase with its network of convenience and unique high coverage across the region's distribution network advantages have been a large number of consumers.
The recent fierce price war in the electric business industry has given consumers a reason to buy crazy, but most of the electricity dealers by the distribution of geographical constraints, unable to undertake 三、四级 market orders.
According to the executive vice President Li Bin Introduction, the large increase in the remote orders are mainly concentrated in health products, kitchen life appliances, summer daily necessities, wine and other products, are jiapin gifts, air-conditioning, color TV, ice washing and other traditional home appliances have also increased significantly. For example, a best-selling foot bathtub, in the past week, the number of off-site orders exceeded million. Suning is also specifically for the need to give gifts in different places for users to open the Family Express line, special follow-up to ensure the rapid delivery of goods purchased, which also gave consumers more confidence in shopping.
Experts believe that under the background of the increasing price war in the electric business industry, the advantage of the logistics distribution range of Suning is gradually showing the power, the blue Sea of the 三、四级 net buys the market, will provide more market growth point for suning to purchase, and construct higher industry barrier.
Another note, enterprises from the pockets of "energy-saving huimin" activities are being carried out by the grant. June 1, the country for television, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other 5 major categories of household appliances began to implement a new round of "energy-saving huimin" policy, but consumers found that the microwave ovens and other small appliances in the country "energy-saving" subsidy directory. Just as this policy was fully opened, the grant was the first to take the lead for the industry: 200 million additional resources to subsidize Chinese consumers, and the "full range of household electrical appliances," the event is rapidly opened nationwide.

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