Dragon Boat Festival coming, Shanxi Province Discipline Commission will carry out investigations

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"51, dragon Boat Festival" during the holiday, the Provincial Inspection Commission will be dispatched to oversee the accountability Working Group on all parts of the central authorities in violation of the spirit of eight provisions and "four wind" issues to carry out investigations. April 23, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection held to strengthen the supervision of the accountability, in-depth correction of the "four Wind" teleconference, provincial discipline inspection immediately to our province related work to redeploy.

It is reported that since last September, all levels of discipline inspection and supervision agencies to carry out the central Committee of eight provisions of the spirit of the implementation of the supervision and inspection 358 times, to investigate and punish the eight central provisions of the spirit of 943, handling 1264 people, to give the party disciplines punishment 901 people.

The meeting noted that, while there had been some success in correcting the "Four Winds", however, at present, our province to correct the "four wind" work is not balanced, with the Central Committee's request, the people's expectations still have a great distance, in particular, some local and grassroots units in violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit and "four Wind" aspects of the outstanding problems still occur.

Meeting request, all levels of the provincial discipline inspection and supervision organs to maintain calm and sober, grasping often, grasping fine, grasping long, perseverance, chi and endless, never let "four wind" issue rebound resurgence. To the spirit of the woodpecker in front of the discipline, highlighting the key minority cadres, the "four wind" issue as the focus of the disciplinary review to deal with, strengthen the supervision of the supervisor, the typical case of the name of the surname exposure. We should continue to focus on important time nodes, solve specific problems, take more forceful measures, innovate the methods of supervision and practice, pay attention to discovering problems from the network public opinion and gossip, encourage the masses to actively participate in supervision and expose the "Four Winds" in time. To constantly establish and improve the style of long-term mechanism, and in practice to refine the system, to ensure that good style roots, become a new normal. Should be seriously accountable conduction pressure, so that party committees, discipline Commission to effectively take the responsibility and supervision, with a strong accountability to promote the implementation of responsibility. To clear the responsibility to carry out, highlighting the problem-oriented and special rectification focus, in particular, to choose a typical, representative of the people around the "four wind" problem, to carry out special inspections, the investigation and punishment occurred in the crowd around the "four wind" problem and the people around the corruption problem, to promote the construction of grassroots style to implement. (Reporter Liu)

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