The Dragon Boat Festival Reunion Festival, the network telephone helps you to feel the affection

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The Lunar New Year in early May is the annual Dragon Boat Festival, the Global Chinese Reunion Festival. As one of the largest traditional family reunion festival, probably most of the friends who go out to work and study can not be reunited with their families, on the one hand, the Dragon Boat Festival after all only 3 days, only a day more than the weekend holiday, if you choose to go home for the holidays most of the time may be delayed On the other hand, the public now face the persistent price rise and inflationary pressure, the cost of home festivals after all have to consider, more and more good at budget-minded friends may be caught in the tangle of home or left behind!

In fact, for many "alone in a foreign land for the Stranger" friend, with the increasing diversity of communication technology and means, the connotation of festival reunion is also changing radically, nowadays, with the help of various mobile phone software apps with very low telephone charges, the public can not only have a long telephone porridge with their family during the festival period, Miss and blessing each other, but also can use the Internet voice communication platform for the multiplex communication methods to achieve a variety of both interesting and fashionable Dragon Boat Festival reunion form.

It is said that as the current domestic users the largest, cost-effective and user experience the best well-known VoIP free network calls, Sky Network phone can be five ways to let the public in the Dragon Boat Festival to feel the most rich reunion family.

Reunion Family one: Play family blessing Telephone

As the only real sense of the current "money-saving phone", the sky Network phone one of the biggest advantage is to call particularly cheap, sky network telephony software clients can be 0.08 yuan/min (computer client) and 0.10 Yuan/min (Mobile phone client) Standard call rates anytime, anywhere cheapest to call domestic mobile phones and landline phones. Whether it is a big time of the Dragon Boat Festival family Telephone porridge, or the use of long-distance telephone way "live" dragon Boat Festival family, Sky Network telephone charges and even free call characteristics, are the first choice for mobile phone users.

Family reunion two: mobile phone app

In addition to being able to use computers and smartphones to make VoIP calls, Sky Internet phones can support iOS mobile terminals such as Apple's iphone in real time. In fact, the sky Network phone support all the Internet mobile terminals, including Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone and Java, such as the specialized version of mobile phone network phone software professional-level app, Mobile phone users can call anytime, anywhere, very cheap phone calls.

Reunion family three: Dragon Boat Festival Area

For the 2014 Dragon Boat Festival, Sky network phone "dragon Boat Festival Pie gift--sky free to give you 1592 Yuan Dragon Boat Festival good gift gift friends and relatives" large special offers have been sensational online. Whether it is a new user registration, or for every 100 yuan to recharge the phone, all users will be given a "10 gifts", users can include 9 dumplings (each value of 68 yuan) and 1 mobile phone coupons (value of 980 yuan) of 10 gifts distributed to their friends and relatives, And when friends and relatives have 6 people successfully receive these gifts, corresponding to the sky Network phone users will be a value of the high-end large screen brand smartphone!

Reunion Family four: prepaid telephone phone

This is also the Sky Network phone specifically for this year's Dragon Boat Festival, a large special offer, in the sky network Phone "mobile phone free-you dare to charge me to send" large user Thanksgiving preferential platform, all users as long as the choice of 499 yuan, 699 yuan or 999 yuan charge, Can be free of charge including the corresponding style high-end big screen brand smart phones, including the package package, but also high-end big screen brand smart phones and high-end business tablet computer at the same time, affordable and multiple surprises can make mobile phone users dumbfounded! In addition, there is no consumer restriction on the number of sky telephone calls that are stored by all users. Prepaid charges will be one-time to the account, the user can arbitrarily direct all long short distance telephone for any time and anywhere the prepaid consumption.

Family Reunion Five: international long-distance send blessing

For families and friends in foreign countries, the use of Sky telephone calls international long-distance is very affordable, the Dragon Boat Festival is a reunion of the festival, every festival times Sze, Dragon Boat Festival is the world's Chinese Common Reunion Festival. Sky Network telephone calls international long-distance average call fee is only 0.13-0.40 yuan/minute, and if it is from any country and region of foreign call to the domestic, then the Sky Network phone is the domestic call rate standard, that is, the minimum only need 0.05 yuan/minute call, Making calls is cheaper and more cost-effective.

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