World children's Day arrives, Pla enters left-behind children's life

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"Brother, Look, our windmill is spinning fastest!" "In Zhongqing Jiangbei District five Fu Kindergarten, the left-behind children Liangbosen and armed police brother Xia Ai together to complete the work of handmade works, proudly show off."

April 21, the advent of world children's Day, armed police Chongqing Corps one or two troops came to the city Jiangbei District the most remote rural kindergartens, visit 106 children left behind. Officers and children each other pair, the weekday two teams training field on the strong competition atmosphere brought to the kindergarten. The soldiers ' wonderful queues and capture show the children are staring, eager, soldiers also take the children read Map literacy, learning National defense knowledge. Then, the children and "brother" together to raise the national flag, play games, the game to do hand, learn to pay the rules, in a variety of activities to harvest knowledge and happiness, cultivate their love for the Motherland and life. In addition, "soldiers brother" also brought a bag, books, toys and other rich "gift bag" for children's learning life to help, so that children feel warm and happy.

Five Fuk Kindergarten is located in Jiangbei District Town, was founded in 2008, the park's left-behind children accounted for 70%. According to Liangyuan, as the only kindergarten in the town of five treasures, which received a total of 7 villages and 1 children in the community, of which the youngest child is only 2 years old, the eldest child has 9 years old.

"Most of the children here are left behind because their parents have been working out for a long time, and few children have ever been out of town." Compared to the city's children, because of lack of parental education, they are more likely to shy, poor performance. "Liangyuan long, stationed here in the armed police one or two troops often come to visit their little brothers and sisters, play with them, accompany them to grow up happily, soldier Brother and children have established a deep affection." "I want to be a PLA man when I grow up!" As handsome as a brother! "Parents perennial outside the child Chen Conghao snuggle with Corporal Liu Huan, face filled with happiness."

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