World Children's Day, investment letter Connaught Cut into a security experience classroom to strengthen children's safety emergency education

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Fire alarm ringing, students quickly and orderly to fold the wet towel, cover the mouth and nose along the safe passage, relay to complete the escape rope knot, for "wounded" bandage hemostasis and make simple stretcher handling, this is a primary school in Beijing is "investment trust Connaught Security Experience Classroom" carried out the simulation of fire escape drill.

The fourth Sunday of April every year is world children's Day, April 22, in the upcoming festival, the Chinese Children's Youth Foundation to join hands to build the "investment trust Connaught Security Experience Classroom" completion ceremony and safety education Open class, in Beijing Fangshan District Doudian Town Sinus Shop Center Primary School, China Children's Youth Foundation, Beijing Fangshan District Education Commission, Investment letter Connaught and other leaders attended the event. With the help of instructor training and on-site guests, the children have a lively and interesting security interactive class, through experiential teaching methods such as audio stories, security games, scene simulations, and children who learn a variety of practical safety skills in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Urgent need to strengthen children's safety emergency education

According to statistics, our country under the age of 18 minors, about 367 million, the country every year about thousands of students abnormal death, tens of thousands of children left disabled or even lifelong disability, but also caused many families suffered permanent emotional trauma and a heavy financial burden. Data show that security awareness is weak, coping ability is poor, do not have the ability to avoid danger, escape and self-help, this is the most frequent occurrence of child injury is the main reason. In addition, most parents own safety knowledge, emergency skills Limited, school conditions are limited, can not carry out safety education system. These factors objectively lead to children and adolescents can not systematically accept the knowledge of security education, resulting in high frequency of injury.

In order to protect children and adolescents, 2014 launched the "Dreamer" Child development public service, focusing on China's children's safe and healthy growth. China Children's Youth Foundation, through the donation and construction of the safe experience classroom in the school, the "Situational & Experiential" way of education helps children to understand how to save themselves and escape when a fire or earthquake occurs suddenly, to improve the awareness education of disaster prevention and mitigation, and to train and popularize the knowledge of safety emergency, Promote the safe and healthy development of children.

Small hands pulling big hands from school to family

"Investment letter Connaught Security Experience Classroom" completed, not only to enable children in the experiential classroom will be more abundant, more professional emergency escape knowledge and skills, investment trust Connaught will also promote the use of schools, communities, families and other effective carriers, through the "small hand pull big hand" to expand the coverage and influence of child safety popularization and education, To carry out various forms of safety education activities, to further create a safe and healthy growth environment for children and adolescents, and to explore the sustainable development of children's charitable public welfare model.

In fact, as a leader in the domestic health insurance industry, investment trust Connaught has always been committed to helping consumers have a healthier, happier, more secure life, and pay special attention to the healthy growth of Chinese children. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the investment trust Connaught in the earthquake-stricken areas to rebuild two hope Primary school, and make sustained contributions. Every year, "Connaught Day", investment trust Connaught will be launched internally for the children love donations. 2014, the investment letter Connaught launched the "Dreamer" Child growth Public Welfare action Plan, in addition to the security experience classroom, but also continued for the education resources are scarce school donated to build campus library, improve the rural and urban mobile children's reading environment, to help children healthy, safe, happy growth.

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