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As the end of the chain of garbage, Green Luo algorithm is launched by the webmaster's focus, although there are many need to improve the place, but there is no doubt that the emergence of the Green Luo algorithm has become a return to the value of the chain turning point. Webmaster in the aftertaste once by the chain to create brilliant rankings at the same time, but also deeply aware of the chain of construction follow the importance of value concept. The Green Rose Algorithm 2.0 appearance, let the original fiery soft text promotion was impacted, especially those in order to promote the product and arbitrarily edited ads soft text, by the search engine's severe blow, the chain of return to value era has become an irreversible trend of the times.


For most product sites, in the daily search engine optimization process, the role of outside the chain is not only the weight of the site's aggregation and ranking of the promotion, but also the guidance of site traffic and site awareness of publicity, is an important way to promote enterprise products on the Internet. With the constant change of search engine algorithm, in particular, Baidu's emphasis on the original, the user experience to support the determination, so that the simple copy, paste the effect of the role of the chain is getting smaller, and even hard to release a lot of outside the chain search engine is not included, do not mention the promotion of the site, even the number of outside the chain Although many of the internet's promotion platform, as long as can leave the URL, only can let the target customer contact, even if a promotion outside the chain. In the era of Internet value, some meaningless outside the chain will only affect the image and ranking of the site, but also can not bring tangible benefits to the enterprise. As a result, many visionary website operators are looking for new ways to promote the chain, so that in the industry competition to gain the advantage and gain the goodwill of the search engine.

The emergence of soft text for the vast number of Web site operators found a new promotion channels, the effect of its petitions not only will not cause the target customers disgust, but will use its beautiful literary grace and a certain value to win the appreciation of the reader, so that in an intangible product to promote the enterprise, and thus achieve marketing purposes At the same time, soft text for the site not only can play a role in guiding the flow, but also a good quality outside the chain to build one of the effective ways. Through the addition of the company Web site in the soft text, there can be an increase of effective outside the chain, guide spiders to the target site crawl, thereby effectively increase the probability of search engine and keyword ranking. Plus the excellent soft text often will attract more website reprint, thus the invisible room brings more natural links for the website, some target customers will follow these links to visit the website. It can be said that the soft paper for the enterprise site hundred benefits and no harm, many experts SEO has a unique feeling, but also a short period of time beyond rivals, to obtain operational returns of the weapon.

The brilliance of the soft Wen is repeatedly operated by stationmaster, also bring good profit to some website. Can meet the truth not only applies to the traditional industry, for the internet is no exception, more webmaster to see the charm of soft wen, have to enter and participate in, but some webmaster literary limitations or the thought of eager, in the process of editing the soft text ignored the principle of value concept, often for advertising and editing soft text, There is a lot of advertising in the industry that is full of products and users can't find their own valuable content. What's more, some of the abundant funds of the website in order to make full use of the effect of soft, in the name of the editor can not get the content of the public soft platform, the adoption of a pay model to some high-quality soft platform or news source platform release, although the site's ranking has been a certain increase, But the proliferation of these acts also affected the effectiveness of the soft paper to some extent, deepened the search engine on the soft paper, and to some extent prompted the Baidu Green Luo algorithm 2.0 release.

Utilitarian nature of the soft Wen lost its own significance, more to become webmaster outside the chain to promote the tool, lost the value of the concept and user recognition, advertising as the main body will inevitably become the focus of the search engine targets. Soft text is not wrong, wrong in the use of the webmaster, some low quality soft text in the short term seems to be a good effect, but in the overall damage to the user and search engine on the soft text impression. This warns the general stationmaster, the popularization means of the Internet although multitudinous, but if the excessive development will only let Stationmaster's road is more and more narrow. Think about the past few years blog madness, overnight a large number of webmasters in various platforms opened blog, more bloggers to build their own station blog, can be a lack of effective use of the proliferation of blog, so that has become the chicken. Baidu Green Luo algorithm 2.0 clearly listed some of the form of soft paper, and warned webmasters the correct form of soft writing, in the long-term perspective of the webmaster are also need to consciously comply with, lest step blog mistakes.

Dragon Shape think webmaster in the future in the process of soft writing, implanted advertising must be enough, soft wen needs to embody its own "soft" nature, the vernal equinox in the form of everything to win the public recognition. Soft Wen in the process of editing must not lose their own value concept, stand on the user's point of view more for them to provide useful help, so that the soft text to promote from quantity to quality change, to eliminate a large number of meaningless creation and obvious advertising implantation, so that the soft text back to its own connotation, the webmaster can really use soft text for better promotion. Follow rather than change, think of the best win, is the soft text to promote the realm. Zhengzhou website Construction: A5 Starting, reprint please explain the source!

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