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I passed the two-month real website promotion, and finally ended in failure, but given the experience is worth our learning, such as personal webmaster generally have not focus on the problem, the site should not do too much promotional work, because the use of good content gradually accumulate users.

Days of the establishment of nine Nets also have a quick 3 months of time, the first one months because of the reasons for the work has not been time to sum up, today summed up in this 2 months to do things and web site to promote some of the summary. Days of the nine nets after one months of content preparation with the construction station diary after three release began to plan how to promote the site, because the work of the original intention to promote work is not many, at the same time as a personal webmaster also experienced must undergo psychological changes, but also make the site's future development of some amendments.

1, although in the diary three mentions will not carry on the specialized SEO work, but as Stationmaster's custom, or has done some suitably, the result is regrettable. First, some changes to the title, taking into account the key words, the main or to the reader clear site positioning, "webmaster navigation, webmaster tools, webmaster Home-day Nine Nets WWW.266.CM", just start to do a keyword "webmaster navigation" and "Days nine Nets", so made a few outside the chain. Perhaps Baidu does have a certain care for the new station, soon two keywords on the line to the top three. Very unfortunate in July when Baidu was greatly updated by the right to fall into the famous 11, even the "days of nine Nets" this site name fell to the 11th place, the reason for the time being unclear, still remains to be seen.

2, the second way is to promote the soft text, write a blog long time to do the promotion of nature is the first to think of the soft text, does not calculate the construction station diary series, has written two articles: "The Good LUN: stationmaster website operation must have six big criteria" and "the website navigation operator must see ten websites", unfortunately did not obtain the very big effect, Especially the second article, because it is for Webmaster class site, we have a soft resolution, especially what can contribute to the site, two articles did not get a very good recommendation, can only say that the site visibility has brought certain help, which also concluded that the soft text promotion do not expect an article overnight fame, Also need a cumulative, continuous article follow-up.

3, the third way to promote a bit tricky but the effect is good, we carefully refer to. The website unexpectedly is facing the business of enterprise of the enterprise, then this industry's leading community sends the net to become the main goal naturally, at the same time this kind of well-known community management also very strict, I used a common method is the forum signature, I put the title "collection Send generation 1000 business E-commerce Essence article" And then connect to Wang Shop bar, every day in the send generation, seriously reply to the theme of the discussion, but also to Wang Pu brought good flow.

4, the fourth way to promote, or can not be regarded as a promotion of web site traffic growth plays a big role, that is the site content updates. Every day adhere to a few high-quality articles reproduced, very happy to see played a very good role, from the site statistics have 30% of fixed users directly enter the domain name access to the site, while the content of the continuous update also greatly improve the weight of the search engine, although the right to be Baidu, but now snapshots have been able to do daily updates, At the same time, 40% of website traffic comes from Google.

In general, these two months of work are relatively unsuccessful, at the same time on the day of the Nine Network webmaster Navigation also has a deeper understanding, at the same time to do the attitude of the station has also changed, deeply felt a person more than a station brought about by the pain, personal webmaster generally have the problem of not focusing. The next time on the day nine Nets-webmaster College We will continue to maintain high-quality content updates, but will not do too much promotional work, decided to use good content gradually accumulate users.

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