How to analyze the user's search habits to help the bidding promotion

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Through in-depth analysis of the user's search behavior, we can correctly select the most valuable keywords, correctly track and improve the performance of the site in search engines. It has been proposed that after user "> Search behavior Analysis, and implementation of the SEO strategy, equal to the change of the ranking of the site." To match the results of the search behavior, even after the ranking, but may attract more clicks than the relatively front still prevail.


users have different habits of using search engines, and there are many uncertainties in the process of monitoring using third-party tools, so it is difficult to come up with an exact result. Understand the user's habit of using search engines is not but our professional SEO must master, but also all business owners, marketers must be clear. Only a clearer understanding of the user's search behavior, in order to avoid the fierce competition, select the most matching search keywords with the target search, and the final search results in the user's favorite way to appear. So how to conduct the user's search behavior analysis?


1, see Baidu Google related search and search tips. Related search refers to the search results at the bottom of some of the relevant words, search hint refers to the search box when you enter words to get the relevant prompt words.


2, research statistics, such as the 51LA statistics in a keyword. There is a trick that we can use this keyword: keywords to search for other people's websites to open some statistics.


3, look at the statistics have a skill: check Baidu Search Address parameters: bs= (beforesearch) and oq= the content behind, these two parameters are representative of a previous search, Baidu related search is such statistics out. View method: The BS and OQ into WD, and then open this address can see the previous search keyword.


4, you can know in Baidu, such as questions and answers platform to see users ask what keyword, because netizens use the words are often the words used in the search.


5, of course, conditional words can send a questionnaire to collect analysis of user search keywords, to Granville Customer platform paid Publishing task is a good choice.


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