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On the Internet more and more free blog, content, entertainment, leisure is also more and more, it is easy to build blog, promote difficult! I have built several blogs, but no one has visited in six months! " How come no one is visiting my blog? Why is XXX's blog so hot? I think a lot of TX have had Ah! Then how can we build a good blog and how to promote it effectively?

Here to do with me blog, so you also become a blog celebrity!

1. Blog theme

The first thing we want to talk about is the blog topic related content. Many fzler like to use some of the Martian body as a blog title, but everyone in Baidu, Google in the use of fire stars search things? I think it should be very little. To create a good blog station, first we have to think about what to do in the end (such as computer technology, computer tutorials, or say some information, news, entertainment, celebrities, etc.)!

2, blog content

Blog content we should be original or false original mainly (reprinted articles can change the content or edit changes, but not to steal other people's copyright). and to blog theme as the basis, as we write articles, do not off! Here we say to the original article as the basis, we write an article, such as our blog theme keywords, can be secondary bold plus color (search engine will not recognize characters or focus on each word), etc. and to Blog theme keywords link to the blog home page! Article can add their own copyright information (such as: This article from the AH Net [] web spider Editor)! The main purpose of people reading blogs is to obtain information content that is available or interesting to you, so our blog content or information must be authentic and reliable. , the way and method should be specific and operable, which is to give readers the knowledge and information, so as to arouse both interest and reading quantity.

3, blog Promotion

A, theme promotion

Customers tend to get information through search engines, and if search engines can't search your blog or post, it's obvious that your blog has lost its effect. So what are we going to do to get the search engines to detect our blogs? First of all, I have to let our blog have content, yes, content must be valuable and useful articles! So we can let the search engine and access users to know our blog (of course, we recommend everyone in the blog post all the original article for the best)! Then we go to the search engine portal to submit our blog address (not independent web site blog without submitting search engine) will be good!

b, Network Promotion

Contacts, networks. In the network, real life, your contacts are also your blog users! Use more publicity, let your friends visit, let ta remember your blog! There are links in the blog this item, we can also use up, so that your friends or you feel good blog, we are also a good choice of links! Can also choose some good website or excellent blog, in order to allow a large number of customers to browse, comment. Increase the number of links to the blog, both to bring new traffic, but also to increase the advantages in the search engine rankings.

C, Forum Promotion

Forum community is also the common means of blog promotion, forum community posts to promote the blog we can from the BBS head, signature and posts on the start! For example, write a practical value and have an ornamental article, add our blog address, this is the network said the soft Wen (if the vest is a lot of good oh!) The top of the post to let more people see)! If you send too much or too obviously it will backfire!

d, Mail Promotion

E-mail is the earliest way to communicate online, but it is still being paid attention to! If you have more than N mail friends can also be promoted in this way, of course, there are also some of the network of mass mailing tools, in this not much to say.

E, chat promotion

Chat promotion is to chat tools mainly (such as our common Tencent QQ, Tencent TM, ICQ, MSN, Ali, UUCall, campus Pass, 51 hanging, Baidu Hi, Google talk, etc., here we can put our personal data, signatures, etc. to write our blog address, and can chat tool to send to your friend!

F. Group promotion

All kinds of chat tools have launched a group of functions, such as our most commonly used QQ, can be added to the number of 100-500 people. If you add n more QQ and not afraid of being t is also a good way!

In addition, there are also some special promotional blog sites, you can try to submit!

Moreover, we as a bloger first have to have a certain amount of time and Energy Management update blog, and not loose fishing!

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