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Let me explain. Most of the experiments in this paper do not take into account the factors outside the chain.

Because the chain of things, not skills can be solved, if your interpersonal relationship is good, then to find a good outside the chain is no problem. So we don't talk about him as a technology.

A lot of new friends or SEO novice, always like the title of the first page of the key words to write the more the better. A little seo knowledge of friends know, can not repeat the keyword, then he will not repeat, but write a lot. I was like this at first.

Later, after many experiments and practice. Slowly understand how to put the first page title keyword optimization good. The following is a summary of my practice after many times, welcome to discuss the discussion.

First of all, I view a phenomenon, Baidu in search results can be displayed in the title of the number of words but more than 35 Chinese characters. Well, I'm not sure what's being .... Hidden keywords for ranking in the end there is no benefit. This I can not get the results, but Baidu as a person to look at the words,.... Hidden keywords are ignored. Because I didn't see it, how do I know what it was written in?

If the view above is correct. Then your title plus your site said total if more than 35 Chinese characters, then more than the part of Baidu is useless. It's like I used to have my website name and title written like this "Fuzhou marketing network [] Marketing Forum, Fuzhou Electronic commerce, network Marketing, marketing personnel of the gas station. Then the "marketing, marketing talent of the gas station" has not appeared, the search that word did not appear in my website. Only the front of E-commerce, marketing these two words at work. Later put {} To remove, then network Marketing can also appear in the title of the search results, enter the Fuzhou network marketing, you can also find my website in the first page. [First of all, the site ranking is not only the title of the factors, there is the chain. So if you are entering "network Marketing" now, "e-commerce" is still unable to find this site. " Marketing Network "On the first page, so I am now working to expand the chain]

So the experience tells me, in fact, the title of the first page and the name of the site do not necessarily write too many keywords, almost good, preferably not more than 35 Chinese characters. There is the complete occurrence of the keyword. In this, I found that if your site outside the chain enough or less competitive, Your headline keyword doesn't have to be complete. Just like I was going to do in the Fuzhou area of E-commerce, Network marketing, website optimization. Then through the investigation, found that the area of Fuzhou, the site is very little [at least the presence of Fuzhou before the suffix or very few]. Then I will be the title and website name "Fuzhou Network Marketing, New era of network marketing, website optimization, Fuzhou E-commerce, marketing network. Then in Baidu input "Fuzhou" prefix plus any one of the words, you can find my site in the first. But the title of his search results is not complete. [Of course, the more complete the appearance, the ranking effect is the best,]

So some friends will ask, that a title can only use a few key words not enough Ah, this is of course, it is not enough to do a few keywords website. But people who do website optimization know that the main keywords will be placed in the title, and other you can put in the keyword and description. Although now Baidu, Google's weight on those two is getting smaller, but writing well can also get unexpected results.

I do not know if we have found that the title of the more left the key words in Baidu's ranking is the more forward. This is my hair now, [of course, if you are strong enough outside the chain, that is another thing], so I build the meaning of the most important keywords written in the left. This will be a better effect.

To tell the story, many friends don't seem to care about the description. In fact, if the description is well written, it will not necessarily get unexpected results oh, but do not repeat too many keywords, repeat 2~3 time on the line. Again, because the title has already had the main keyword, so in the description, You can write out some auxiliary keywords.

Well, first write to this side, if you have any different views, very welcome to speak out, discuss together, you can also go to my forum to exchange and exchange.

Author: Ah Jin

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