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Image Search is a search engine products in a very important product, but also most of us are more easily overlooked part of our general focus on web search traffic, in fact, if the picture is optimized, the same can get good traffic, especially for some of the main picture station site, More need to make picture optimization as a focus of optimization strategy to see. What's more, picture optimization is much simpler than web optimization, resulting in a relatively high cost performance. In fact, if you often pay attention to the search engine home page layout, you can see some of the image of the search clues. Now A5 Webmaster Network SEO team Simply talk about: How to let the image search to bring you a steady stream of traffic?


Baidu Navigation Pictures

We look at the home page of Baidu, image search just ranked in the MP3 behind, Baidu's products so much, why to put the image search here is an important position, I think nothing but to meet the needs of users, in Baidu's many products, image search with a lot of people, So Baidu had to put it on Baidu home page an important navigation bar position. Similarly, when you look at other search engines, you can observe similar phenomena, especially Google, which has elevated the image position to an important position.


Google search Navigation pictures

The search is very similar to Google's (Soso used to be Google's search technology), the Picture button location is only arranged in the back of the web search. Soso navigation bar ranked in the top three and Google, the same, are in turn are web pages, pictures, videos, behind the Soso is unique products.


Search Navigation Pictures

You can look at other search engines, basic also is such layout, visible, with the image of the search for a lot of people, but we are often engaged in the site, not with the image search, for the general public, the picture search is still more by their green Levin, so we do the site optimization, Can not despise the flow of image search, on the contrary, to take good use of pictures, let it become our site search traffic in an important source.

Above we from the search engine point of view of the image flow in the search flow of importance, then how do we take good use of it, how to do picture optimization?

Include some important descriptive text around the picture

We know that the search engine for images embedded in the text content is still not good to read, then how it is to sentence

What is the theme of this picture? One of the important references is the descriptive text around the picture, the search engine can help to judge the content of the picture by the text around the picture, so when inserting a picture in a webpage, it should be appropriate to appear a page of descriptive text.

Picture to add alt tag

ALT tags actually have a dual role, on the one hand it can help users to understand the content of the picture, such as when the mouse over the picture

The text inside the alt appears, to prompt the user this picture is what, especially when the picture for some reason did not load successfully, the picture location will show alt inside text content, so that not because the image does not exist and affect the user's understanding of the entire content of the Web page, On the one hand it is also helpful for SEO, Alt is actually equivalent to text inside the anchor text, it to the search engine to show the content of the picture, if you recognize the importance of anchor text, do not suspect alt for the importance of the picture.

The name of the picture and the text of the link as much as possible with descriptive text

When we upload pictures, many people often do not pay attention to the name of the picture, basically is casually take a name, such as JPG1, JPG, such as meaningless name, in order to render the theme of the picture, in the name of the picture, as far as possible with some look at the picture name can know the name of the picture, For example, apple.jpg is a lot better than 6666.jpg, and Google said in its website guide: "If we can't find the right text on the page where we find the picture, we'll use the file name as an excerpt of the image in the search results." At the same time, when we are positioning text for the image, but also to use such descriptive text, such as you in the top of your blog to recommend a particularly good Apple pictures, you use the link text can be directly Apple pictures, and not just use a text link.

Specify the width and height of the picture

The picture in the webpage, want to add the picture height as well as width, so when loading the entire webpage, can in advance according to the established height and width to reserve the position, but do not wait until the picture complete loading, then displays the content below, can realize the parallel load, thus enhances the page loading speed. Not only conducive to search engine crawl, while faster open speed users are very like. Especially for some large web sites, a page to save a little time, add up, is a great improvement.

Structured picture catalogue-picture as far as possible in the catalog storage

Different themes of the picture to be stored separately, for example, we can put the icon picture in a directory, put the thumbnail of the picture on the website in a special directory, put the complete large picture in a separate directory, the picture about MP3 in a directory named MP3, TV pictures in a directory called TV , which is not only easy to manage, but also good for picture optimization.

Create a separate directory page for your pictures

Even if your pictures appear on different pages on your site, consider creating a separate target page for each picture, where you can collect all the relevant information about the picture. If you want to do this, make sure that you provide unique information, such as descriptive titles and picture descriptions, on each Web page. You can also enable comments, discussions, or ratings for each picture.

Of course there's a lot of detail about picture optimization, the above six points, is relatively basic, but also very important, I believe that if you follow the above said to do, your picture flow will certainly rise a high, we can in peacetime optimization practice of SEO more exploration, more research, Do not overlook the power of the picture, it can also bring you traffic, bring orders. A5 Optimization Team original.

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