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A website title optimization in the entire site can be said to be quite important, I believe that the webmaster friends are aware, we all know that the highest weight is the home page and the title of the first page is the calculation of the weight of one, according to the Niang official learned that now the three major tags: <title>...</title <keywords>...</in > <keywords>...</keywords> and <description>...</description> Keywords>...<description>....</description> metric has not been taken seriously, do not have to calculate the weight of the need to do so, but I still suggest writing, especially <description > to write and to write a lean and attractive words do not have more than 100 words, as for <keywords> if not write the best not to write may also be counterproductive, the author suggested that if you really want to write, write a maximum of 2-4 keywords on it. About <keywords> and <description> simply say here, below or back to its theme page title optimization.

I. Selection of the TARGET keyword

In determining a site before the first page title to analyze and select the target keyword, said here may be some novice webmaster will ask how to analyze the choice of target keywords? Here is a simple talk about the author now to optimize the sale of tea packaging This station is how to analyze the choice of the target keyword, first of all, in the mother of the top 10 of the station to do analysis and comparison of these stations to see the first page of these stations is the title of what the keyword This can use Webmaster Tools query, and then through Baidu Index query to see its Baidu index is how much and the amount of control of its competitive strength, I suggest that novice webmaster do not do those index is high, included also very high words such a word competition is very difficult to do, but the target keyword also don't choose some no index words, According to their own ability to choose the author recommended the choice of the Target keyword index in 100 or above 300, if the novice webmaster the best choice of 100多 points or 100 words such words to do easier, more importantly, can give the novice webmaster to enhance confidence.

In the author is now optimized for the tea packaging station is based on the above research on the competitor and combined with the company's flagship products and communicate with the sales department to understand customer purchase trends to determine the target keyword is as follows: tea cans, tea boxes, Tin Tea cans I put these three words as Home page title optimization target keyword, at the same time these three words Baidu Index is not very high, the competition is not very big for this industry station more conducive to rapid optimization rankings.

two. Homepage title optimization

Target keyword selected well now you can optimize the title, talk about the optimization of the title of the author in the study of tea packaging such stations found that some of the site in the title piled up a lot of keywords in fact, such optimization techniques are very unreasonable so it will be very easy to create keyword piling, This is the search engine that this is cheating will be punished, said that this may have a novice webmaster will ask how it is not reasonable, what is the best title optimization method? The author is aimed at these two points simply share with you. 1. With the author engaged in the SEO industry and combined with some of the books on SEO summary of the general situation is to write in the title of the three target keywords plus the company name, as the author of the optimization on the sale of tea packaging this station's homepage title is this: Tea cans | tea Boxes | Tin Tea Cans | Guangzhou Yi-Tong Tea Packaging Products Co., Ltd., these three keywords I put the tea cans in front of the most of the reason should be known to friends, such as some novice webmaster not understand can be further communication with the author: <271629493 This is the author QQ overtime annotated SEO plus name > There's not much to say here.

The above title optimization technique is just generally the case for small and medium sized enterprises, in fact, better title optimization method is best to use a short and fluent words to the theme of this site summed up, and in this sentence also contains the goal to optimize the keyword, but this optimization of the skills of the individual's literary requirements a little high. The above is the author of the individual in the optimization of tea packaging industry station Some of the experience I hope to give some novice webmaster some inspiration, at the end of each article I will send to you webmaster best wishes to the webmaster dream come true, Pepsi.

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