How to play microblogging marketing? Enlightenment from the "three-under" mass Group of people

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Training institutions are becoming increasingly aware that Weibo is an important marketing position – directly facing consumers, with low costs and good results, and that each has run one or even several official microblogs. But most officials will only send out product service information, turn point social topics, pick up a little fresh "soul chicken soup." How to plan a good microblog marketing, turn the fan influence into actual income? Cross-examination education of the recent "powder three" million people group case may give you some inspiration. April 3 9:47, cross-examination education President Zhang Aizhi released a microblog, "" Powder three "Everybody my fan, 2014 Grind Person: In order to increase your fans and energy, please in my post" powder three ", that is," attention "thread in your upstairs three people-– I hope you mutually powder, increase the number of fans, For the grind of Loneliness reserve energy, pass happiness, see the Power of mutual powder! "Three under the powder" is a topic of marketing activities, the content of the passing of an examination of the positive energy-the transfer of happiness, no longer lonely; On the other hand, there are prizes to stimulate, comments on every 100 floors will receive free HD Nets classes and books and other gifts. So the microblog was heavily forwarded for comment, and the comments reached 1600 tonight. For the 50,000 followers of Zhang Aizhi Weibo, this has been a very good result. The participation degree is high enough, the topic is also hot, how transforms? April 6, Zhang Aizhi to everyone to ask for advice, "want to understand, want to participate in powder three of the pro to get a such as" thousand people Group "concessions, to benefit more people; What do you want? Books? NET class? Face-to-face? Training? "A few days later, after a lot of interaction with fans (also potential customers), April 9 7 o'clock in the evening, Zhang Aizhi released the" Pink three "million people group trailer. The following day 10 o'clock in the evening officially released the rules of the event. "Should powder friends strongly request," powder three under "comprehensive upgrade, 27-28 days, 10,000 people group purchase, the whole course low to 50 percent discount, VIP2000 yuan coupons, with 80 famous schools, 40 professional, 20 political and English QQ group, famous graduate students, famous teachers 0 distance answer. Focus on cross-examination Zhang Aizhi, forwarding and @ friends, commenting on this microblogging, that is, successful appointment. As of this evening, more than 200 people have successfully booked their applications and the number of tweets forwarded over 600. Cross-examination also through the microblog, conducted a very low cost marketing activities, and has a good registration results. Multi-Knowledge network summed up some of the tips: 1, the first stage of accumulation of popularity, the heap floor to send gifts necessary. The choice of gifts, the best and follow-up marketing goals (postgraduate education training registration) directly related to the choice of their own network courses and training materials. 2, fun interaction, improve the registration of micro-bo exposure rate, the method is not limited to sell Meng is also possible. Zhang Aizhi forwarding a micro-blog is "have children's shoes dms me: You so big Boss, but also take the lead to sell it?" I return: This nine years nurturance habit, do not contact the student, the heart is not steadfast. In the early days of entrepreneurship, yell really to sell now more in order not lonely. "3, multiple account linkage," powder three "million people in the news of the announcement of the first half hour, @ cross-Test school-cross-examination education hairA warm-up microblogging, "Countdown, there are 30 minutes, do you want to drop the pie?" ”。 4, with the boss of personal microblog operation, more humane than the official micro, and easy to narrow the distance with consumers. 5: Periodic announcement of the results of activities, such as the publication of the number of participants. Results, regardless of "powder three" a series of activities is unintentional inserted Liu, or intentionally, have achieved good results, but also for other organizations engaged in micro-blog marketing provides a reference and flexible sample. (More knowledge net Andy)
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