Huanglong Jade's price continues to soar

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Xinhua News (Reporter Yang Li) recently collection market learned that the early Fry Huanglong Jade is still bullish. Xudong Antique City of the boss introduced by the Huanglong Jade processing from the bracelet, Grass flower stone, Kwan-Yin, Buddha, etc. are expensive.  A year ago, the price of 900 yuan Huanglong Jade Bracelet, now has soared to 4000 yuan, a huanglong jade intact stone price of more than 1 million, this stone 3 years ago more than 300,000. The industry's senior collectors told reporters that Huanglong Jade from a few years ago dozens of dollars a truck soared to now tens of thousands of yuan a kilogram, is not the normal market supply and demand relationship caused by the price phenomenon, Huanglong jade value is far inferior to nephrite and jade, it developed a short time, neither the moist beauty of jade nor jade cultural connotations, Gem circles do not agree with this kind of stone, many expert collectors will not invest.
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