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450,000 tons of coated paper project at the end of next year to launch Huatai shares (600308), Huatai shares in the total price of 1 yuan by the Anqing investment company held in Anhui Huatai Forest Pulp Co., Ltd., 15% of the equity, the company after the equity, inherit the corresponding contribution to pay the responsibility, that is, to increase the After the adjustment of equity, the company holds 85% of Anhui Huatai's equity, it needs to invest 1.105 billion yuan, has invested 233 million yuan, still need to inject 872 million yuan; Anqing investment company Holding Anhui Huatai 15% of the equity, to invest 195 million yuan, has invested 100 million yuan, still need to inject 95 million yuan.  This transfer still needs to be approved by Anqing state-owned assets administration. Data show that November 6, 2007, Huatai shares and Anhui province Anqing Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of Anhui Huatai forest Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., registered capital of 1.3 billion yuan, of which Huatai shares capital of 910 million yuan, accounting for 70% of registered capital; Anqing Investment company 390 million yuan, accounting for the registered capital of 30 %。  As of May 30, 2009, the shareholders have actually contributed 333 million yuan, of which Huatai shares capital of 233 million yuan, Anqing investment company contributed 100 million yuan. According to another announcement, the company's holding subsidiary Anhui Huatai Forest Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. intends to invest in the construction of an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-grade culture paper production line. The equipment is to be introduced from abroad, for the width of 4450mm, speed 1000 meters/minute cultural paper machine and some ancillary equipment, supporting other domestic advanced equipment, the construction of an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-grade culture paper production line.  Project total investment of 598.24 million yuan, the project construction cycle is expected to take 2 years, the specific investment and construction according to the relevant departments approved the implementation. The year after the completion of the project sales revenue of 980.73 million yuan, annual tax of 37.72 million yuan, profit of 82.74 million yuan.  Pre-tax static investment recovery period of 7.46 years, pre-tax internal rate of return 16.47%, after tax 12.94%, the economic benefits are better. In addition, Huatai shares 450,000 tons of high-grade coated paper project to obtain significant progress. A few days ago, the company held project equipment opening meeting, the Finnish United States Zhuo Company, Germany Fu Yeater and other international leading paper machinery company to share the project calendering machine, Rewinder, pulp and pulp production line, such as the main equipment, the total amount of 1.8 billion yuan.  Jianhua, chairman of the company, said that the successful bidder will accelerate the design, construction, installation speed, and strive for the end of 2010 production of coated paper project to build a high-level model project. 450,000 tons of coated paper project is the company's construction in the part of the integration of the forestry and pulp papers, the project includes 600,000 mu of wood, 300,000 tons of pulp, 450,000 tons of high-grade coated art, the total plan of investment up to 5.6 billion yuan, the company in 2007 to raise funds through public offerings and some of its own funds But by the impact of the capital market fluctuations, the company's public offerings in September 2008 after the approval of the audit has not been approved, and affected by the financial crisis, the company's paper products sales face enormous challenges, so the company's bond article in 20After the foundation of November 08, no significant progress was made except for civil engineering. In the early stage of the full technical equipment exchange, the final determination of equipment suppliers, it marks the project into a substantive phase of progress.  It is understood that, taking into account the current market situation of the excess capacity of coated paper industry, the project adopts machine outside coating equipment, so that the company can according to market situation, the production of newsprint, high-grade cultural papers and other products, reduce investment risk. Jianhua also said that the company has completed in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the strategic layout of the yellow triangle, this part investment 5.6 billion yuan of forestry and paper Integration project, investment 3.8 billion yuan Anhui Anqinglin pulp and Paper integration project, investment more than 2 billion yuan Guangdong Xinhui newsprint project, the three major projects have been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the funds have been fully implemented will be fully implemented this year. In addition, the company opened another investment project 500,000 tons of ion membrane caustic soda Project A 250,000 tons has also commenced work, has been completed equipment installation, is carrying out a stand-alone test, will be formally put into operation in the near future.
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