IC seal estimate: Second quarter is better than first quarter

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According to Taiwanese media reports, IC seal the plant outlook for the 2nd quarter performance, most manufacturers are expected to be better than the 1th quarter, the day of the moon estimate shipments can increase by 15%, South Mao estimates can increase by more than 5%, Beijing-yuan film like optical sensing test revenue can be significantly improved, Wang Si estimate can increase 50% to 70%.

Moon and Light finance long Dong Hongs estimated that the 2nd quarter of this year, the overall performance of the moonlight is expected to restore the 4th quarter of last year, the 2nd quarter shipments than the 1th quarter will be increased by 15%. Without taking into account the currency movements of the TWD against the dollar, Dong Hongs estimates that gross profit margins in the 1th quarter of this year will fall by 2.5%-3% from the 4th quarter of last year, with a return to a warm up in the 2nd quarter.

Lin Wenber, chairman of Silicon Products, in the 2nd quarter of this year, the performance will be better than in the 1th quarter, and the rise may continue into the 3rd quarter, but the growth rate between the quarter and the quarter is not predictable; Lin Wenber and forecasts that this year's 2nd copper line revenue will rise from 35% in the 1th quarter to 40%.

Nanmao 2nd Quarter conservative estimate can increase by more than 5%, forecast to the 2nd quarter, Logic IC seal test revenue is expected with 12 inch wafer chip size package (WL-CSP) capacity expansion synchronized growth.

IC wafer and finished Test factory Beijing-yuan Power this year, the 2nd quarter of the Japanese optical sensing components customer test orders have been returned, the current to the Beijing Yuan Electric expansion test capacity, the estimated 2nd to 3rd quarter of the Beijing-yuan film like optical sensing components test revenue is expected to improve significantly.

IC Wafer Testing plant in the 2nd quarter of the beginning of the European customers are expected to pick up, the relevant wafer test volume can begin heating, the 2nd quarter of domestic memory customer test under the single expected better.

Corporate estimates IC wafer testing and finished product testing plant silicon lattice in the 2nd quarter is expected to increase 1 to 2 power amplifiers (Poweramplifier) new customers, the 2nd quarter overall performance is expected to increase 16% to 17%.

The Silicon Grid's 2nd-quarter wireless Chip customer orders will move towards a positive development, including baseband chips, Wi-Fi, power amplifiers and transceiver testing, with significant growth in the 2nd quarter, the corporation said.

Long-term electronic estimates within 2-3 months, IC Testing and light-emitting diode (LED) cutting check volume can be stable, equipment sales in April growth will be relatively obvious; the performance should be restored in the past year, with the 2nd quarter better than the 1th, and the 3rd quarter better than the 2nd quarter.

LED ceramic substrate and module purchase factory with Xin Electric estimated led ceramic substrate and image sensing components order visibility, we can see from 3 months to 6 months, the 2nd quarter is relatively optimistic and has the opportunity to return to the 4th quarter of last year, and the revenue performance in each quarter should revert to the previous pattern, and the 2nd quarter will be better than the 1th quarter. The 3rd season will be better than the 2nd quarter.

Memory Seal plant East China estimates that in the 1th quarter of this year, the survey revenue will be flat compared to the 4th quarter of last year, with the projected end of the 1th quarter to the beginning of the 2nd season, and the performance can be quarterly.

Due to the semiconductor boom in advance back to temperature, can continue to pull probe card shipments, coupled with the LED market demand gradually rebound, led detection equipment orders are expected to grow, Wang Si forecast 2nd quarter Overall performance is expected to grow from the 1th quarter of 50% to 70%.

With the steady growth of the electronic Compass Test, the Lin 2nd quarter Electronic compass Test revenue ratio, the opportunity to increase by 5% in the 1th quarter, expected to increase to 12% to 15%.

Conductor Rack supplier Shunde is bullish on the Japanese LED lighting market growth in the 2nd quarter, the 2nd quarter than the 1th quarter will have 20% growth, April and May monthly return to temperature.

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