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Build a website to run a website. Constant increase in traffic at the same time, the promotion of personal website, analytical ability, operational capacity also in the promotion. It can be said that the improvement of personal ability and operating the website time is complementary. Of course, we are at any stage, we can through some external resources to help us do a good job. Below, we are in the promotion of search engine optimization and how to monitor the content of the site to improve user viscosity, two aspects of how to use data statistics tools to help us better to complete the early promotion plan.

First of all, the promotion of search engines is essential. Today's netizens are looking at a site, most of them will not deliberately remember the site's address. Instead, it uses search engines to find websites and browse through them. So SEO is one of the work we always have to do. In our view, there are many types of search engines available to netizens today. Of course, for domestic websites, for more is Baidu and Google. such as figure I, to cnzz AdSense statistics ( For example, currently occupy the largest domestic search market is still Baidu, this is beyond doubt, because its localization of the design and product management is now other search companies can not compare, So we are in the SEO at the same time, we should be based on the needs of their own site to choose the proportion of optimization. However, if your site mainly to foreign trade business mainly, that in the optimization of search engine choice, I personally think that Google, MSN may be more appropriate. In the choice, you can according to the search engine statistics and statistics on the keyword to the future site for the corresponding SEO optimization, so as to achieve the desired promotional results.

Figure I

"Interview analysis" has always been the webmaster more concerned about the function, because this data involves the content of the site to the user viscosity problem. As shown in Figure two, now CNZZ webmaster Statistics in the interview analysis can not only view the URL of the visited page, at the same time can also be displayed by the title of the page, the webmaster can understand a certain period of time the title content of the number of visits and bounce rate, understand the most popular pages and the most easily lost users of the page, According to this data has targeted the content of the site to optimize, to avoid user churn, improve user access viscosity to ensure that the site traffic stability and upgrade.

Figure II

Webmaster in the initial stage of construction, first of all, to clarify the thinking, clear direction of development. On the contrary, no strategy will not have the direction of progress, and disoriented, in the development of the Web site will often appear quick success, blind expansion, repeat construction, out of practice, waste of resources. Therefore, it is very sensible to use the auxiliary tools to develop the strength of the website, and it is an effective way to improve individual ability according to the effective integration and utilization of resources in different stages.

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