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Since the end of last year, the Ministry of work to strike, efforts to rectify the network involved in yellow, requirements of the domestic computer room to run the site will need to record. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) also implemented the new deal on December 11, 2009, starting from December 14, 2009, user registration. The CN domain name needs to submit the application and the written application material. Application materials include the official seal of the Domain name registration application Form (original), business license or organization Code certificate (photocopy), registered contact ID (photocopy). Individual registration is not permitted. CN domain name.

CN domain name implementation of the new deal to December 14, 2010 has been a year. During this period, due to the inability of individuals to register. CN, enterprise registration and approval process cumbersome, hurdles, corporate customers also complain a lot, plus the across of domain name control, China's CN domain name has slipped from 13.68 million to 600多万个, "shrink" 50%.

. The CN domain name retains the quantity to shrink, lets many hoarding the domain name to make money the speculation automatic exit, also ensured. The effective use of the CN domain name. But. cn domain name of the rapid decline in the number of registrations, its competitiveness has been reduced. In stark contrast, domestic ". com domain name" holdings in the third quarter again, up to 4.15 million, compared with the second quarter growth of nearly 120,000.

. com and other international domain names in the domestic hot, to some extent also prompted the price of the rally.

It is understood that as early as October 15, 2010, the International Domain name registration Agency ICANN has been globally unified to increase the wholesale price of international domain names, the wholesale prices of COM domain names rose from 6 U.S. dollars to 6.42 U.S. dollars, net domain name wholesale prices from 3.5 U.S. dollars to 3.85 dollars. This is the first increase in the price of a registry since 1999 when ICANN established a price system for the two top-level domain domains.

Nevertheless, the international domain name such as COM is still hot not to reduce, register quantity continues to rise. Industry personage analysis, this kind of trend, also reflected to some extent, from domain name user pair. CN Domain name New Deal is in conflict with sentiment. "Have a large number of small and medium-sized websites, personal sites have been the great advantage of China's network innovation, but now the individual can not even have a '. cn ' domain name, how to innovate?" The advantages of innovation no longer exist. One of the industry insiders said reluctantly.

The global rise in international domain names has also prompted domestic domain registrars to raise prices. Million network com/net/org domain name registration price from the original 130 yuan/year increased to 139 yuan/year. Many other domestic domain registrars are fully follow up the international domain name of the price increase action. And compared to foreign countries, domestic registration price is higher.

Some people in the industry said that,. com and other international domain name prices, but also with the domain name supply and demand relationship. Domestic. CN domain name registration needs to undergo cumbersome examination and approval procedures and materials, lengthy approval process. Individuals are also unable to register. CN Domain name registration, these factors, let originally belong. CN domain name users into the. com and other international domain name user groups, the change of supply and demand, but also has a subtle impact on prices.

It is understood that in the international domain name a rally in the mainstream trend, domestic well-known IDC business China Connaught Network but adhere to let enterprise customers and small and medium-sized webmaster strategy, not only to maintain the international English domain name 68 yuan/year price stability, but also launched a dual-Xeon quad-core 5504 and Xeon Dual-core 3050, such as model series U.S. server concessions, and the establishment of the station package: International English. com domain name a 68 yuan/year +150m web space +2 users 10G space enterprise global postal discount price only 686 yuan/year.

China Connaught Net said, whether it is the website record policy or. CN Domain name New Deal, are the national level of network supervision to strengthen the policy signal. At the same time, the current Internet control policy is in a kind of chaos, a catch is the plight of death, policy making may hinder the development of the network, but let go no matter will bring hidden dangers. In any case, for many small and medium-sized stationmaster is not policy positive. Therefore, most of the enterprise site customers and individuals are still in the winter period, in a smooth transition phase, the need for IDC merchants to let customers, push the industry towards a virtuous circle. Support the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster through the Internet winter.

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