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Online education in many friends seems to be a very promising industry, after all, with the development of China's economic strength, we pay for education and attention is gradually improving. Moreover, training itself is a very violent industry, replication simple, diffraction fast, online education is likely to become the next gold support point. As the founder of the Century Jiayuan, Gong has long recognized the potential of online education and decided to do well in the online education industry with the experience of having a successful career. But backfired, just the past year, Gong founded ladder nets because of financial constraints and other aspects of the problem announced layoffs, market share stagnation on the basis of frequent development difficulties, this is undoubtedly to gong a loud slap, but also to many want to enter the online education industry friends a warning, Is online education really the best we can imagine?

Ladder nets failure is not the case, as early as a few years ago many elite schools have begun to set up their own online education base, but with the development of the majority of time has decayed, ladder nets as a commercial product, but it embodies more commercial products can not be integrated into the environment of factors, and its failure in addition to what we call the gong operation of improper, there are more intuitive reasons.

The conception of the ladder net may not be suitable for this soil

What does online education sell? It is to sell teaching video, courseware and other resources, which may be feasible in foreign countries, but in the country will produce a lot of resistance. First, many domestic education is mainly self-study, can not achieve with the habit of online education docking, and in many parents behavior habits, for children to use the computer time will have certain control, this makes the school education is very difficult to be fully implemented, then the domestic parents are accustomed to let the children how to continue to study in their spare time? Yes, Classes. New Oriental, new channel and other online training institutions giants are their first choice. After all, in the eyes of too many parents, the guidance of the line is visible, and the children's learning progress can be found in real time training institutions to communicate, this is a long-standing habit of the Chinese people. Although the ladder network based on online can better use of network resources, but lack of online support training and education services how much still let parents are difficult to pay, long time supply and demand imbalance, nature will encounter the problems of development.

The product line is too long, resulting in a shortage of funds business is not exquisite

Gong Personal open Letter I think we all see, in a short few months to spend the money of investors illustrious in the eye. Ladder nets as an online education website, the investment of funds is deserved, but only in a few months to spend the savings, how to see some prodigal. In fact, if the analysis, we will find that these are for a reason. Looking at the present, the ladder net product layout is very wide, has the multiple role work center, there are media-biased personal space system, as well as the question bank, coupled with mobile, PC's multi-terminal product requirements, ladder nets in the product end and Content section of the cost is too large, the product line is too long, which will lead to branch products difficult to do through fine, To know the entire product system of the ladder net, any obscure branch needs the support of huge resources, and it is difficult to obtain Tens's app reprint volume will make the resources not to be fully utilized while increasing their own capital consumption. In this regard, regardless of the scope and meticulous practice is a big taboo in any industry, facing the new Oriental, a good future and other line of giants, their hardware resources to far better than ladder nets, take their immature business and powerful opponents of all-out war, ladder nets failure is also a well-deserved.

Wavering, no clear business model

In business, ladder nets ultimately rely on making money to maintain normal operation. But for such a long time, as an observer I have not been able to find the ladder net clearly profitable way. Do you rely on member registration to collect membership fees or to sell test papers? It seems to me that the price of using internet thinking to do education and training products is huge and the risk is unavoidable. User product aggregation flow, commercial products to create revenue, the two complement each other, with irreplaceable. The ladder net may have seen this, but the real operation will find the difficulty. This is not a simple resource integration problem, in the face of the whole environment, discerning can be seen, online education to fight the technology, connections, resources, brands and capital. So the volume of consumption so that the first simple thought big can make money ladder nets unprepared. There is no offline user group to supplement, online users are also in the development of the bottleneck, we are watching at the same time will only make the ladder network more and more worried, and this also directly promote the decline of the ladder network.

The online education market may itself be a bubble

Over the years using Internet thinking to do offline products, there are many examples, online education is just one of the small branches, ladder nets as one of the code example, it encountered the development of the whole industry are in fact. In fact, through the analysis of our own can also feel, and the capital side of the mania than the user's acceptance of online education is not ideal. Because of the homogeneity of the serious, lack of interaction, the effect is not obvious, online education does not impress a large number of educational objects. As the current education is mostly classroom-oriented, online education is at best a complement, is a good degree of learning or learning the desire to strong children's choice. But how much is this user community? And look at the ladder nets know, it's the test questions and other resources are hard resources, and there is no uniqueness, to profit or generate profit model must have large-scale user coverage and parental coverage, become students, parents, teachers are recognized platform. But it will take a long time to continue burning the money or turning it on immediately. So the position of the ladder network is actually very awkward, and the online education market that it values does not have the ideal fertile, some are just for the online education stunt, if all this return to the rational capital market will usher in a new round of shuffle, then ladder nets will have the opportunity, I think the giant intervention is enough to carve up the market.

In any case, the status of the ladder network is indeed a bit embarrassing, can not find a better solution I think its development will only become more and more narrow. Article Link: Jinan Children's photography, reproduced Please specify the source of copyright, thank you.

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