Jiangsu Hong Bao afternoon emergency suspension: to invest heavily in new energy

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October 12 morning, despite a slight correction in the market, but Jiangsu Acer (002071. SZ) But against the city Rose 7.09%, closed at 9.37 Yuan. The opening of the afternoon, it was an emergency suspension.  Company chief Gug told reporters that the company will convene a board on 13th to discuss investing heavily in new energy projects, the company may be a duplicate of the card on 14th. 12th afternoon, Jiangsu Hongyuan (002071.  SZ) issued a notice that the company intends to disclose major issues, the company on October 12, 2010 13:00 on the suspension, the company to disclose the relevant notice after the board.  As early as September 14, Jiangsu Hongyuan caused market concern, the company stock volume trading, turnover rate of 13.07%, but then followed the market callback, after the marketing began to rumors of the company's major shareholders will be 270 million to the new energy vehicle charging pile, and eventually into the listed companies. However, Gug yesterday afternoon denied the said. Gug said that the company will hold a board meeting on 13th, "mainly to discuss an investment project, investment in new energy, the amount is relatively large, I think today rose too much, some worry, hurriedly stopped." "On the evening of 12th, Gug further interviewed by reporters that the company will set up a joint venture, the company holding more than 50%, the total investment of more than 800 million yuan."  It is estimated that after the investment is completed, about more than 200 million profit is generated in a year. A new energy analyst at a brokerage firm in Shenzhen said the crystalline silicon slice is the raw material for solar panels and is now highly profitable. Another analyst also told reporters that the company has executives recently running outside, concentrate on looking for investment target. It is possible that the main business will be transformed, the company not only has 2 million Shanghai new friends, as well as other equity investment, the company will develop into an investment class company.  In this respect, Dong Gug told reporters that the former main industry companies continue to do, but certainly which industries are the most profitable, which industry to do. The first half of the company 2010 earnings per share of 0.054 yuan per share of net assets of 2.85 yuan, operating income of 188 million yuan, an increase of 48.27%.  As the impact of the financial crisis gradually reduced, the company's products export orders back to normal, domestic sales steadily rise, operating income to maintain a steady growth trend.  Dong Wu Securities Machinery industry analyst, the Yellow Sea side to reporters, the company's current share price, only to see the company's main business is overvalued, but the company has 2 million shares of Shanghai new friends and other equity investment, and the company's controlling shareholder Acer Group Power is relatively strong. Data show that Jiangsu Hongyuan is the domestic hardware products industry leading enterprises, the company's products are mainly tool hardware and hardware accessories. Tool hardware products using export-oriented, supplemented by domestic sales model, accessories hardware products all domestic. 2009 due to the impact of the financial crisis gradually decreased, the second half of the accessories hardware appears a good sales posture.
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