Labour Labor Day message included, so that you do not worry about sending blessings

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    "Vehicle Network Report" Source: the Pacific Network Spring Infinite Good, the beauty of a matched, ordinary work busy, physically and mentally tired, 51 holidays to, flowers for you, green mountains for you to laugh, and water for you, Mishi is also beautiful, you le all things happy, happiness you most, happy never do.

51 to, gift to send money, more no less good, or not to send for good; gift-giving package, big too expensive small bad, or province for good; send a good mood, cheap and practical, I wish you everything easy, 51 Labor Day Happy!
Congratulations, was rated as 51 outstanding workers, you will get Labour labor new experience travel once, travel content with good labor tools come to my home personally experience, and attached to a value of a hair message: Labour Labor Day happy, come to collect it.
51 Labor Day, send you five one, your love is "single-minded", your career is "smooth sailing", your Future is "Yimapingchuan", Your Life is "Wonderful Life", your friend is "first-world loyalty", friends, 51 happy.
Congratulations on winning the prize. RMB Unlimited, in order to highlight the Labour labor theme, please take a good hammer or ax, to the bank automatic teller machine Place smashed, harder yo, hehe Labour Labor festival happy.
51, Labor Day came, wish you put down the busy work, let happy for you to clear the clear, wish you put down the tired body, let easy you around, come out for a turn, listen to music, breathe the fresh air.
51 SMS, give you five first: the number of happiness first, transport the first, health first, peace is the first, bless me first. Please enjoy all the best in this festival!
Labor Day came, and began to work! Wipe the table and chairs, wash the dishes and bowls, and read the friends and family again, and send the blessings to you.
51 Labor Day is coming, you must be happy, Life must be happy a little, the mood must relax a little, the body must be healthy, travel must be comfortable! In short, we must be happy!
May you leave your work weary, ditch the cause grease: give the pursuit to put a refreshing little leave, to strive to put a happy big leave, to strive to put a warm long vacation, give the body to put a good leave, give the mind to put a quiet beauty leave; I wish you a relaxing and happy holiday Labour
Labour Labor Day, SMS blessings to friends love such as sugar sweet honey, the mood such as flowers happy, the cause such as the Four Seasons Evergreen, life as a dream of happiness and contentment.
Labour Day, labor for the theme, laziness can not: the mother-in-law home to work, children learn to counseling, wife mood to care, model husband assessment to you, I wish you 51 to come home harmony and happiness!
Life is valuable, labor price is higher, if for friendship, Blessing text message way. 5.1 Labor Day, may the season's blessings bring you better luck, a happier mood, a better job, a sweeter love,Life is a little more beautiful!
Outing, take care of the red grass safflower, watch monuments, do not disorderly to row, hiking sightseeing, health and safety first. Friends, 51 out, I wish you happiness, worry and sorrow, all away, happy, my wishes.
51 Labor Day, travel more happy: The wallet to put good, good management, the direction to find a good, young and old organization, spending plans well, I wish you a holiday in a good mood to relax!
Happiness is hidden in the heart, happy filled with life, health follow you and me, happy full of the world, Fortune with you, lucky to accompany you, 51 Labor Day, wish friends all the best dreams come true.
51 Labor Day arrived, send you "five One", exhibition brow brow, look at the flowering branches, looking at the head of the river, sit a picket of the old peasant, swim a green. Happiness fills the heart.
Flowers are full of gardens, you are the most beautiful one, the stars are bright, you are the brightest in the middle, but the words are few, but every word is my sincere wish. Labour Labor Day, may a friend busy happy every day.

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