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-This reporter Sun Zhongyuan many people to the year before that vigorous "East new love" Still fresh memories.  At the time, Singapore Airlines joined with Temasek, its parent company, to buy a 24% per cent stake in Eastern Airlines with 923 million of billions of dollars, but then the deal failed because Air China intervened. After two years, "East new Love" rumors began.  The securities daily reporter was told yesterday from Singapore Airlines that China Eastern and Sia have not yet restarted negotiations and have no timetable. Lee Kuan Yew throws a reconstituted hydrangea last night, Singapore Airlines said to the securities daily that, as President Chew said, "Singapore Airlines has been interested in China and India to carry out mergers and acquisitions, this is an important market for new airlines, Sia has been in friendly talks with potential partners, but there is no new information with the Eastern Airlines, We have more important things to do in view of the current challenges facing Sia. It is no coincidence that "East new Love" is mentioned again. At the Monday meeting of the International Aviation Association in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore's minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that Eastern airlines could resume negotiations with Singapore Airlines on the introduction of investment.  This statement again ignited the outside world for the new airlines to share the vision of Chinese-funded carriers. And just yesterday, Singapore Airlines chief Chew said that he had not yet negotiated with the Eastern airlines, and that Mr Lee's remarks may have been his personal opinion. And said that for China's development, Sia remains interested.   However, Sia is now committed to dealing with the immediate business. The reporter confirmed that a senior East airlines, he said the company is busy with the preparation and the restructuring of the plan, the restructuring method has not been determined, it is difficult to say when to complete. He has not heard of Lee Kuan Yew's remarks, nor is it convenient to comment on such a momentous matter.  Xu Yumin, the chief executive of the airline, said he did not know. Experts suggested that the new aviation cautious reporter then interviewed the Kang Jianjun, an expert in the airline industry, he analysis in the civil aviation business is still depressed, the new airlines themselves have a lot to do. In addition to the new airlines have had a stake in the Eastern Airlines unsuccessful experience, new airlines to give their own time to reflect. For China Eastern, he said, "It's good to be able to handle the restructuring at this stage. "Singapore Airlines, although much better off than Eastern Airlines, has lost a lot of money in the financial crisis last year," he said. Experts point out that the new airlines to maintain profitability this year is also very difficult, IATA has predicted that the global aviation industry will continue to show losses this year, Asia-Pacific Airlines may be the worst performance this year, is expected to lose 3.3 billion U.S. dollars, new airlines in this case profitability is more important issue.  Therefore, the industry believes that Sia should be more concerned about their own crisis response, rather than eager to expand abroad. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal pundits commented that both China Eastern and the airlines were in bad shape, reminding Singapore Airlines that "it is best to be cautious about the newly merged Chinese airline." IATA currently expects the global airline industry to lose 9 billion dollars this year, while Singapore Airlines will not be spared. It may not be appropriate to accept a Chinese airline restructuring company that is in dire financial straits. "ShaoyongUrgent need for capital injection although the Eastern airlines of the new aviation denied the second contact, there are still doubts whether the two sides have dealings in private. Spoony people are also looking around to focus on the "East new Love" clues. At the end of May, Shaoyong, chairman of China Eastern Airlines, said that China Eastern would move in the international capital market next.  Analysts pointed out that China Eastern has not fully abandoned the "East new Love", and the relevant government departments have also brokered the restructuring of the east, and then introduced new airlines as strategic investors. But civil aviation expert Kang Jianjun that, the chairman of the eastern airline said in the international capital market there is action, not necessarily is to find partners, but whether for the current Eastern Airlines, or restructuring the new Eastern Airlines after the voyage, Shaoyong is difficult to get rid of the plight of China Eastern Airlines serious insolvency. China Eastern Airlines ' June 8 Circular also said that it is planning to "further reduce the ratio of assets and liabilities," Now, the state has injected the eastern Group 9 billion yuan, of which 7 billion yuan has been directed to increase the way into the Eastern Airlines shares. A market analyst said: "Because China Eastern has already obtained the state-level injection, in such a short period of time presumably will not inject capital again, the most likely should still be to new airlines." "But there are also those who believe that China Eastern and the launch of the restructuring, and the introduction of new airlines is not directly related." As for the reorganization of the funding gap, a broker said, "China Eastern itself has received 9 billion capital injections, in the future if SASAC no longer inject capital, the Shanghai municipal government will see what role." Since the reorganization has entered the level of operation, there will be no major problems in the capital chain, and now talk about the investment of new airlines to solve. ' Shami ' that's too trifling.  "East new Love" Restart prospects are slim if the Eastern Airlines and Singapore government still do not give up the "East new Love", whether they do not rule out the "clean house after the dinner again"? At the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Lee Kuan Yew, chairman of the Singapore Government Investment Corporation, also revealed his regret over "Dong Xin". Because of Air China's intervention, the eastern and new airlines did not succeed, but I think that if the East airlines and air to cooperate, can not bring value-added, and new airlines can bring Chinese airlines value-added. "In the interior of the East Airlines, Air China's meddling with the authorities concerned about the attitude of the state, the country's large amount of capital injection east is obliged to the" East new Love "aborted," if the ' East new love ' did not die, Eastern airlines may not fall into the present predicament. According to the East Airlines, Shanghai's top executives had a supportive attitude towards the "East new Love". After the "East new Love" stranded, the main leaders of Shanghai in an occasion also asked about the matter. "Although it is not possible to know in what context Lee Kuan Yew is again throwing" East new Love "news. But the industry believes that Mr Lee's words are by no means groundless, with the good relations between Lee Kuan Yew and China's top brass.  But an airline official believes that a renewed courtship between China Eastern and Sia requires a lot of hum and determination.  The Civil Aviation Authority does not respond to this person's opinion, one of them is from the government's civil aviation policy. An expert said that through the east and the airlines to overcome the difficulties of the restructuring, you can seeThe Government's drive is so important that he thinks it's possible that "Dong Xin" will start at any time, which is not entirely a matter of corporate willingness and may be driven by other factors, but the results are probably not entirely satisfactory. Reporters from the Ministry of Civil Aviation to understand that the state of the aviation industry in the policy is being formulated, the future will have a more specific statement.  However, the Civil Aviation Bureau is unable to conclude whether the new east will be brace.  Experts therefore predict that the possibility of such a new voyage is too big to judge, do not rule out the last similar failure results. "At present, from the domestic civil aviation strategic point of view, people began to reflect on whether we blindly open to the right, after all, the civil aviation industry is not a simple public transport, civil aviation industry competition is not only industrial level, in fact, the national economic strength and national political discourse power competition, so our country to develop I don't think it's just a matter of simple business and business. "Kang Jianjun said.
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