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The new deal is a full moon, the effect of regulation has been initially apparent.  Reporters yesterday learned that the new round of regulation of the property market around the recovery situation stopped abruptly, turnover significantly decreased. According to the China Index Research Institute, 20 of the 35 cities monitored last week (October 18 October 24) fell on a month-on-month decline, with 15 cities falling more than 10% per cent. In 10 key cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu), Guangzhou ranked first in the decline, down 69.61%, Nanjing, Wuhan and Beijing followed by 36.85%, 32.11% and 27.24%, respectively, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu turnover rose, of which the Shenzhen chain rose nearly 40%.  This was due to a slight improvement last week after the most stringent "limit purchase order" was introduced, forcing Shenzhen to close its deal and continue its slump for about 10 days. In addition, the reporter from Beijing Zhongyuan Real Estate and other research institutions to understand that the real estate two times since the regulation, the Beijing commercial housing turnover dropped more than 30%, Low-cost housing transactions accounted for a rise in the price of commercial housing prices overall decline of 6.6%.  Beijing Zhongyuan Real Estate Zhang Dawei said the fourth quarter is more likely to fall in house prices. In the central "two regulation" policy direction, all over the introduction of relevant rules, the relevant ministries have been corresponding measures to follow up. October 20 The central bank has again raised the renminbi deposit and lending benchmark interest rate of 0.25%, although not specifically for the real estate industry, but the effect of limited lending and interest rate increase will strengthen the property market regulatory effect. Coupled with the recent CSRC announced a moratorium on the application of real estate development enterprises reorganization, and the accepted real estate restructuring applications will further seek the views of the Ministry of Land and Resources, housing enterprises to borrow the shell listed channels seriously hampered the financing environment again tightened.  And Beijing pioneered the developer's new house pre-sale of the supervision system, is considered to be possible to promote the country, which is also thought to pinch the developer's funds "Life gate." However, from the recent announcement of the 3 quarterly report of listed housing enterprises, the early housing market good sales so that the benchmark housing companies have a good capital situation, a short period of time due to financial pressure and rush to reduce the possibility of selling goods is not.  According to the Central Plains monitoring of 10 benchmark housing enterprises data, Vanke, Poly, China Sea, Fuli, Forte, and other 5 sales have completed the annual plan three-fourths; Jindi, ya-ju le has completed more than 70%. Zhongyuan Group Research Center Senior manager Liu Yuan that under the State strict control situation, the housing enterprises are now facing the supply of volume, sales controlled, land inventory, raising the threshold of capital and other multiple pressures.  If the policies of all parties are strictly enforced and combined, the pressure on developers will become more and more serious.  Brokers have analyzed the report that the interest rate to return to the channel will inevitably become the balance at both ends of the important weights, to the previous regulatory measures to enlarge the role of the market adjustment to become the real decisive force. Special articles/newspaper reporter Liang, He Han Fu, Li Yuan, Li Fengho, Churi, Wang Danyang, Shing, Chen Bai fan nanjing divorce rateAfter buying the house again Nanjing "limit purchase order" introduced not only reduced the property market temperature, more unexpectedly caused the heat of divorce.  Although there is no department to prove that the rise in divorce rate and "limit purchase order" directly related to, but the people told reporters, Nanjing Limited purchase order issued, a district divorce application number is twice times before the new deal announced. The new deal on the Nanjing property market, October 12, stipulates that local residents who have more than two Nanjing housing will not be able to apply for a third set of properties.  This is different from Shanghai, Hangzhou, "Limit purchase order" to the original housing, but directly "limited purchase" the third suite, known as the "strict version" limit purchase order.  People familiar with the matter told reporters, "Limit purchase order" after the introduction, in order to circumvent the policy, many home buyers moved to the brain, including even "fake divorce", "because of the role of the new deal, some so-called ' smiling face divorce ' phenomenon more and more." Mrs. Chiang is one of the couple. "There are two small units at home, one for rent." Before long fancy a set of Jiangning house. But the limit purchase order at this time out of our surprise, to sell now this set of times is not allowed, the other set of rental contract has not expired. "Chiang Kai-shek to the reporters," the original intention of the policy is to limit investment, but also can not improve the living conditions of the group also included in the regulation of the target bar, now so only the first divorce, buy the room and then remarried. But the Nanjing property market, which was supposed to cool sharply under the harsh version of the "Limit purchase order", ushered in a deal boom in mid-October.  Reporter found that the emergence of this anomaly, is a lot of buyers in order to rob the Nanjing property market tax concession the last bus. Hangzhou limited Die splicing type of nearly 20 real estate sales October 11, Hangzhou "Limit purchase order" and other 22 new deal, buyers can only buy a set of commercial housing temporarily (including second-hand stock housing).  Although because of past property, only to the new purchase restrictions are called "gentle version Limit purchase order", but there are nearly 20 "mosaic huxing" real estate because of the embarrassing situation in Hangzhou, have been discontinued. Hangzhou residents Zhao recently very anxious, he had just fancy a set of 160 square meters west of the new house, had not had time to order, suddenly came to the property market, the new deal disrupted his purchase plan.  He was told that in accordance with the new deal, he could not buy this suite-these houses belong to "Mosaic huxing", there are two property certificate. The so-called "mosaic type", refers to the 2006 state issued "90/70 policy", developers in order to sell large-type, with many sets of small huxing into a set of big-type sales and the formation of housing.  A house is divided into several houses, buy a room equivalent to buy more than one small huxing. The reporter learned that, Hangzhou 2007 years or so in the opening of the real estate, there are many sets of small huxing merged into a set of large or even row house.  According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 20 new and old buildings in Hangzhou with this type of design. But "limited purchase order" one, "splicing huxing" quickly be beaten back to the original. Reporters to find out how many, currently involved in the sale of housing "mosaic type", are at a standstill.  There are insiders in private to reporters that there are developers ready to put together a good large type of open again, to create a single set again into the market. Fuzhou, Xiamen limited to buy 3 months to curb property prices to observe the march of Fuzhou, Xiamen property market in October after the local restrictions on the purchase order finally stopped the momentum of the deal boom. Reporter from Fuzhou soufun new house channel retrieved, from October 17 ~ 24th, the new house daily turnover from 150 set down to 52 sets, during which the number of daily transactions between 50~80 sets.  Xiamen Limited Purchase order is more lenient, only the number of new purchases to limit, so the volume in the Limit purchase order after the announcement of daily decline within 10%. Turnover fell, but the property prices have not seen loose, developers to price the opposite is also very enterprising. October 21, Xiamen Island Real Estate Two opening, the introduction of 300 sets of houses, automatic arranging qualification is two rooms must produce 500,000 Yuan deposit certificate, three housing units must have 700,000 yuan deposit certificate, 300 sets of listings still attracted 3000 people to come to bid, 15800 yuan/square meters onwards, The average price of 17000 yuan to many buyers surprised, August the opening of the minimum 10600 yuan/square meters, the average value of 12000 yuan, a short period of two months that price 30%~40%.  The property price is high and the two-phase opening will digest nearly 80%, which is very unexpected to the people and the industry.  Xiamen and Fuzhou Real estate industry personage all said, although the government expressly announced that the limit is valid until December 31 this year, is the national restricted purchase City "heterogeneous", but these 3 months time is the government to the market "listens to its speech, the view its line" the period, if the regulation is not in place, the limit purchase order may renew after 3 months. Dalian "Just need" still pretty steady rise in house prices October 19, the Dalian of Liaoning Province, the introduction of housing restrictions, so that China to take measures to limit the number of cities to increase to 14.  This is the latest release of the "Limit purchase order" in the city has been 22% annual housing price increase, in the national large and medium-sized cities ranked third. Due to the existence of ' just need ' and Northeast's recognition of the geography and location of Dalian, we predict that Dalian ' limit purchase order ' will be suspended or canceled within four months to half a year.  "Dalian Real Estate Economic Association deputy Secretary General Jia Guangpao said." Research reports from SouFun show that the first week of the implementation of the limited purchase order, Dalian City Seven (excluding the development zone) the overall deal 2421 sets, the chain Rose 82%, an explosion of growth. Among them, Dalian Center area Zhongshan Volume increase biggest, deal 392 sets, the chain Rose 989%. The main reason is guided by policy factors, the situation of centralized filing.  According to the report, under the new Deal, the first Suite first payment adjustment to 30%, the rigid demand to a certain degree of restrictions, rigid demand, although still for the cold market under the main commitment to deal, but from the transaction accounted for a slight decline in proportion. The latest sampling also confirms this. In a sample survey of a week after the purchase order of 24 new disks in Dalian on 19th, property weekVisit 1532, a week before the purchase limit of 2.92%, week volume 261 sets, only a little less than 268 sets a week ago, the average price of 18465 yuan, more stable prices.  Among them, is located in the scenic spot an average price 19000 Yuan Villa market, in this week the chain is up to 520%. Dalian Compass Real Estate marketing deputy general manager Shaoji said, the Dalian real estate market response is relatively slow, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities response as Vane, "limit purchase order" effect may be presented in six months. "At present Dalian's ' limit purchase order ' has not enacted the implementation rules, Dalian also did not carry on ' the network sign ', for instance to the family housing quantity cognizance, the concrete process and so on are ambiguous, plus some area and the Dalian Real Estate Bureau does not have the network, ' the Restriction purchase order ' concrete implementation Jia Guangpao, Deputy Secretary-General of Dalian Real Estate Economic Association, said that Dalian's "Limit purchase order" in the country 14 have issued "Limit purchase order" in the city, appears relatively "moderate", this and Dalian real estate market development status comparison match. "Dalian's limited purchase order" is mainly to combat speculation and investment, differential loans and the imposition of real estate tax, which is more concerned about property tax buyers. Shenzhen real Estate agency, Shenzhen, the introduction of the real estate regulation of the supplementary rules, including the history of the most stringent "limit purchase order." In Shenzhen already has two sets of housing and above the city household registration resident family, have a set of housing and other non-city household households will not buy a new house, limit purchase order issued a week later, Shenzhen property market turnover fell 60%, many real estate intermediary not deal, residential investors have turned to commercial real estate, Hao throw billion purchase shops.  Experts predict that the "New Deal" impact is beyond doubt, the rise in property prices must also inhibit the momentum, Shenzhen's housing prices will likely return to the level of 17800 yuan/square meters.  Reporters from a number of intermediaries learned that the restrictions on the purchase of their impact is relatively large. "There have been few such significant declines in the past," said Xiao Zhang, a property consultant at one of China's property stores in Shenzhen. Even after the new deal was introduced in April, our 6-9-month monthly sales were at 50 million ~6000 million. And the impact of this let us a little surprise, so far only more than 10 million yuan turnover. Nanshan several real estate intermediary property consultant reflects, second-hand housing no longer as last year, this year look forward to the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" also early into the "winter." In the interview, a real estate intermediary depressed said: "Before and after the national day, are the peak of the deal, but now desolate, in the ' Limit purchase order ' after the whole half of the month, not a single deal, almost all the proceeds from the rental."  An intermediary property consultant on Houhai Avenue said with a wry smile. Recently, the reporter to Longgang vanke new Golden Qin Garden sales office to see, the scene to see the house is not many people, only more than 10 people. "Is there any discount for buying a house now?" How much area is presented? "The reporter asks the salesman, a staff member said:" The sincerity customer registers may enjoy the opening97 percent purchase discount on the same day. Not to send the area. Recently introduced the "Limit purchase order", but also to the shops and offices ushered in a new spring. An investor threw 100 million yuan to buy 11 shops in Deep Bay, and has been buzzing in Shenzhen recently.  Reporter interviewed the real estate intermediary learned that after 11, to understand the shop information, than July, August about twice times more. Haikou, Sanya property prices are still high ordinary citizens did not benefit since the construction of Hainan International tourist Island in January this year to rise to the national strategy of the news released, the Hainan property market immediately into a crazy state.  And Haikou, Sanya house prices have been many times this year to lead the country, so has been identified as belonging to the "house prices too fast rising city." In the major cities in the country in early October after the introduction of the "Limit purchase order", Sanya and Haikou, respectively, on October 12 and 14th issued their own restrictions on the purchase order, the two cities of the content of the purchase order is similar to the provisions of the city and other provinces and cities residents (including home buyers, spouses and minor children) can only buy a new set of commercial housing in the city.  The main difference between the two is that Haikou is limited to purchase time from October 14, 2010 ~12 31st, and Sanya does not have a limit on the timing of the purchase. Many local developers believe that the restrictions on the purchase of Sanya and Haikou is only the local government in order to comply with the general trend of regulation, because since February this year, the Hainan property market has gradually become cold, if it is to curb the purchase demand and the introduction of restrictions is not necessary. Even some developers think that Sanya and Haikou issued restrictions on the purchase order is actually a last resort, "Hainan property market in this year's crazy degree has been spread throughout the country, in the current national property prices rise too fast cities have issued restrictions on purchase orders, has been in the forefront of Sanya and Haikou nature can not be avoided." It is possible that the central authorities already have a list of cities that have to implement the State Council's advice on how to resolutely curb the rise in prices in some cities, and that the rise in Sanya and Haikou is bound to be on such a list. "However, because Sanya more than 90% of the purchasing power from the island, Haikou also has more than 50% of the purchase of customers from the island, therefore, Hainan Many developers believe that the special customer groups for Hainan, in addition to strict control in the credit, only by" limited purchase "may not be able to curb the price of housing.  From the Hainan Province Housing Construction Office Information Network data show that even during the 7-day National Day holiday, Hainan property market turnover is only 90 sets, the highest turnover in Sanya, reached 66 sets, the average price of 19605.94 yuan, Haikou transactions 10 sets, Lingshui deal 13 sets, the average price of 27703.98 yuan.  Although the restrictions on purchase orders and interest rate news on the current fairly flat Hainan property market undoubtedly played a worse role, however, the residents of Haikou and Sanya said that the limited purchase order could not bring benefits to the local people, because the income of the locals was too far from the property price and could not be bought anyway, therefore, we are not particularly concerned about the restriction. Ningbo Commercial Apartment After the introduction of Ningbo Property Control rules "Yong Nine", directDevelopers are delaying the opening plan, while buyers are more cautious. "Yong Nine" provisions, Ningbo household households limit the new purchase of 1 sets of housing, can provide in the city for more than 1 years of tax certificates or social insurance payment certificate of non-city resident households in the city can only buy new 1 housing units.  Non-city residents who are unable to provide proof of tax or social insurance payment for more than 1 years in this city are suspended from buying houses in this city. In the reporter interview, constantly hear developers about "commercial apartments good" argument.  Because the new deal does not involve such properties, many developers concluded that the "Limit purchase order" under the regulation of the market, the original funds will be moved to commercial and residential buildings and office building market. China International Brand Research Association Secretary-General and the director of real Estate brand Institute Lanma Analysis, said the new deal to the apartment market promotion effect is particularly obvious. "Ningbo's private capital particularly optimistic about this property, because the apartment is an investment nature, and Ningbo's apartment price is low, appreciation space, the use of many." Lanma said that the general price of apartments in Ningbo is between 500,000 ~100 million. "After the new deal, the apartment market will be up to 5% of the price."  "Lanma said. However, overall, it appears that the new deal, the Ningbo property market cooling obvious. Ningbo soufun Data Monitoring Center October 20 released statistics show that from 15th ~ 17th, 3 days, daily sales are less than 70 sets. Analysts believe that this with the implementation of the New deal has a greater relationship, mainly reflects the demand for investment in the "Xuhuo" significantly cooling.  This not only allows buyers to increase costs, more importantly, so that investors feel the intensity of policy regulation is increasing, so this will make many investors on the market inevitably appear wait and see mood. Second-tier cities in the Pearl River Delta limited to buy Foshan out of the possibility of very low (reporter Ouyangmei Peak) In addition to the first-tier cities, there are many secondary cities issued restrictions, so the Canton Limited purchase order issued, many Foshan consumers in speculation, Foshan will follow the introduction of Canton Limited purchase order?  On this issue, many of the respondents surveyed agreed that the possibility of a limited purchase order in Foshan is very low, consumers need not worry too much. Poly South China Industrial Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Liang that the current restrictions on the purchase of the city are the recent two-year rise in the price of a particularly fierce city, although the property price of Foshan has a certain increase, but relative to other cities, is rational, and in terms of the current price and income ratio, the price of Foshan is within a reasonable range,  Therefore, the possibility of the limited purchase order in Foshan is not big, the necessity is not big. Dongguan panic "Rush sign" to create "Silver Ten" effect (reporter Zhang Yuyun) Dongguan property market in "9.29" after the promulgation of the new deal has been extremely unusual situation. During the national day, the original control policy has been extremely sensitive to Dongguan property market unexpectedly rid of the "New Deal spell", Gold week 7th the overall property market "full strength", the National Day signing volume reached the highest peak since 2007. As of October 13, Dongguan housing information online daily residential sign more than 200 units, daily turnover is more popular than before the new deal. StraightTo the third week of the New deal, the city's primary residential contract area to create the second highest since January 2010. What is the reason for the Dongguan property market deal "high fever does not return"? It is understood that in the first day after the new deal, that is, September 30, Dongguan, a single daily network of signs of a sudden rise in the phenomenon of housing contract volume "blowout" to 402 sets. Li Xingwang, Dongguan Market research manager, said that the biggest cause of this situation, is the introduction of the new deal to the market panic "rush to sign" the situation, a large number of real estate has been contracted customers, for the hope is to catch up with the implementation of the New Deal before the "last Bus",  Avoid the case where a down payment is raised or a mortgage is not approved. Jiangmen Limited Purchase order although not see the home buyers still check out (reporter Huang) yesterday, Jiangmen Living and Construction Bureau of the responsible person confirmed that Jiangmen has not received the notice of the imminent implementation of the purchase order. But the continuous introduction of the property market regulation policy has begun to affect the local real estate consumer confidence, a small number of home buyers during the Golden Week began check-out.  And by the continuous New Deal impact, jiangmen developers have slowed down the speed of the goods, although the sale of new homes close to 3000 sets, but the market on the number of new homes are still relatively small. The rigid demand for home purchase in Jiangmen is restrained by the influence of property prices higher, jiangmen property market to foreign buyers mainly, foreign buyers from last year's less than 30%, a sudden rise to more than 60% this year.  Jiangmen local rigid demand for the implementation of the purchase of Jiangmen also limited order to suppress the growing jiangmen house prices, to achieve the dream of home purchase. Zhongshan Guang Deep Investment-type home buyers more (reporter Zihuawei) "Recently obviously feel to Guangzhou and Shenzhen more foreign customers up." "The new Yangtze River real estate planners Loyan said that some of their company's projects since the opening of the national Day has received a lot of foreign customers." "Foreign customers buy a house or a majority of investment."  "Loyan analysis, Zhongshan Low housing conditions are good for attracting foreign customers is the main reason."  Zhuhai Property market Resilience (reporter Chen Zhi home) under the influence of two regulation policy, Zhuhai Real estate industry Generally speaking, October sales and September than a slight decline, but the sale price did not appear loose, some high-end real estate even slightly up. As some cities have issued a "limit purchase" policy, Zhuhai officials have not yet had any performance. In this respect, most of the industry in Zhuhai said that Zhuhai could not introduce a "limit purchase order." The industry is of the view that the majority of cities that have restricted purchase orders are overpriced, rising too fast, and the supply of tension in the region, Zhuhai's current property market is more rational, does not belong to this category.  In addition to Zhuhai unique natural environment, a large number of outsiders into Zhuhai home purchase, the property market resistance is strong, Zhuhai can not introduce restrictions on the purchase of outside buyers.  Huizhou temporarily limited to buy but limit bad buy (reporter Qin Zhongyang) reporter recently investigation Huizhou property market found, the new deal affects mainly embodied in three aspects, one is the local rigid home buyers enthusiasm, second, foreign investors to Huizhou to buy more interest, third is the local house prices still strong. Huizhou Real Estate ManagementBureau head recently said, Huizhou currently does not set restrictions on foreign buyers, but against malicious home purchases, such as one-time purchase of more than 10 units, you need to write a written explanation to the housing department to explain the reasons for the purchase. Zhaoqing house prices slowly rising pressure from inflation (reporter Yu Yinyong) reporter visited yesterday Zhaoqing some of the new development of real estate, found that the property market has little impact. Industry insiders say, Zhaoqing current housing prices are relatively broad and deep speaking is still very low. From the current situation of Zhaoqing real estate market, a short period of time the government issued similar restrictions on the possibility of small, zhaoqing house prices should be slow to rise, the main impact from the rising inflationary pressure.
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