"Little Superman" Richard Li spent HK $17.71 million this month to increase his holdings of PCCW

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Every trainee reporter, Yang Ke, continues July 6 and July 7, after Mr Li's two-degree increase in PCCW (00008,HK), "Little Superman" was again on July 8 to increase its holdings of PCCW 2.344 million, and as chairman of PCCW, it was Richard Li who increased his holdings for three consecutive days.  PCCW-00008,HK yesterday surged, closing at HK $2.06, or 2.49%, to 33.94 million Hong Kong dollars, and the stock has risen by 1.98% per cent since this month. According to the Hong Kong stock exchange's rights and interests disclosure, Mr Li increased the number of PCCW (00008,HK) 2.344 million shares per share of HK $4.6646 million, which was about HK $1.99, on July 8, and after the increase, Mr Li's good position in PCCW's holdings was 1,  943,729,159 shares increased to 1,946,073,159 shares, and their shareholding rose from 28.7% to 28.74% per cent. Together with the increase of July 8, Mr Li has been in the four-year exposure to PCCW, totaling about HK $17.7127 million, and its eventual shareholding in the company has increased by 0.14% to 28.74% from 28.6% this year February 25, from July 3 to July 14, The unit's response to overweight news was flat, up only 1.48%.  And watching Mr Li's overweight in April this month showed that three of the subsequent increases were HK $1.99, the lowest price since July 7 for PCCW (00008,HK). Mr Li was previously reported to have increased holdings of PCCW (00008,HK) 2.284 million shares of about HK $4.5452 million at an average of HK $1.99 per share for two days on July 6 and July 7. The two increases also raised their stake from 28.67% to 28.7% per cent, and only a few days earlier, on July 3, Mr Li, with an average price of HK $1.989, increased his share of PCCW's 4.275 million shares, involving nearly HK $8.503 million.
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