Liu Qian Tour Canada station and overseas Chinese expect him to go on the gala again

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Liu Qian Canada Temporary add a Hollywood superstar to see the performance Sina Entertainment news magician Liu Qian's 2010 modest Transformation of the World Tour in Canada, the first stand in 11/10 in the Legivan Theatre (River Rock Show Theater) held, the original scheduled a performance,  But because the ticket first sell five hours namely sold, under the local audience request, the organizer's emergency coordination decided the first time to postpone adds a to comfort tens of thousands of overseas Chinese's heart, the move and set a record of two performances by the first performance artist in Canada, setting an unprecedented proud achievement. Liu Qian to do the public welfare Vancouver mayor to give thanks to the performance of the host is the city of Vancouver to take a member of the situation (Richard Chang), originally just invited Liu Qian to add the country performance, did not expect to meet after only found two junior high school classmate, separated for decades, remember the past laughter, Zhang Jing said: The students of Liu Qian on the love of magic, often with small magic with the students bet, he lost to Liu Qian many bubble noodles, snacks, etc., Liu Qian is a brother to learn the mind of the God.  Junior high School classmate because of the show and encounter, more this trip added a few drama effect. And Liu Qian This trip is love, donated two performances in Vancouver part of the proceeds, as the Vancouver city of the city to set up childcare center funds, Liu Qian said: "Hope to make a start, on their own strength to help more people in need of help, appeal to more capable people to join the ranks of public welfare, It is the best way for public figures to repay society.  In this respect, Vancouver is more public than the mayor to give a thank-you, in addition to thank Liu Qian to promote Chinese love to do good deeds, is to highlight the charity without borders of the great love spirit. Hollywood superstar change fan take a special plane to bet on the magic of the performance of Liu Qian in Canada is said to be Starlight, the Hollywood international action superstar Steven Singer listens to Shi Liu will perform in Vancouver, offers to appreciate the intention and specially takes the plane to come to watch from the United States, and in the first special guest's posture, grandly introduced Liu Qian to debut And the famous actor Yu, who just finished the film festival in Canada, also came to cheer for friends, behind the scenes of stars gathered, and the front of Liu Qian's performance also received a warm response, Liu Qian an appearance is the whole audience screaming and applause up to 2.5, in the two-hour performance process, Liu Qian's passion to translate to let the audience mood boiling, on the stage under the interactive  , and most of the audience for the teacher milk-grade fans with their daughter to watch the show, and then prove that Liu Qian's magic charm is not far from the world, both young and old for his madness. Liu Qian's sentiments on both sides of the Taiwan Strait overseas Chinese expect him to be excited after watching the show. Even a Chinese diaspora from Beijing said: "Every Spring festival in Vancouver home, watching the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Live Live, from the Spring Festival evening to know Liu Qian's magic so that his eyes for one light, This evening saw Liu Qian's live performance is more homesick feeling, let it a solution of homesickness, and a lot of Canadian audience, it is incredible! Liu Qian's magic compared to foreign magicians, appears more delicate and secludedImplied。 After the performance of many overseas Chinese to backstage and Liu Qian group photo, and said that Liu Qian not only to win glory for the people, more enthusiastic asked this year will be in the Spring Festival gala? Overseas Chinese have made a joint request that Liu Qian, the Spring Festival gala this year, can again bring surprises and wonders to all.
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