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With the domestic flat-panel display industry chain gradually formed, the industry's enterprises more white-hot competition.  In order to consolidate the status of the industry and strengthen the voice of the industry, long Letter technology (300088) to use 420 million yuan super raise funds to high-end STN-type ito transparent conductive glass, electric Jong and other two projects. Among them, high-grade STN ito transparent conductive glass project is proposed to build two high-grade vacuum coating production line, the total investment of about 90.64 million yuan. The project has an annual capacity of 6 million STN ito transparent conductive glass. Product target positioning for small and medium-sized STN LCD display, the main applications of 3D LCD TV special glasses, car monitors, industrial control equipment.  After the project is put into production, the annual sales income can reach 108 million yuan, annual tax revenue of 30.71 million yuan, investment net profit margin 27.8%, sales profit margin 23.4%, scheduled to start in late August 2010, the September 2011 official operation. In addition, the capacitive screen project plans an annual output of 20 million small and medium size capacitive touch screen, the total investment of 330 million yuan. The project is divided into two phases for construction, with a total construction period of two years. The first phase of the project mainly for the touch screen workshop construction, the second phase of the project, including supporting coating production line construction, increase touch screen production line, the corresponding life supporting facilities. After the project is put into production, the annual sales income can reach 310 million yuan, annual tax 94.01 million yuan, investment net profit margin 23.5%, investment tax rate 28.4%.  It is scheduled to start in October 2010 and is officially operational in November 2012.  Long letter Technology said, two project investment will further consolidate the company's industry status, to meet the market for high-grade STN-type transparent conductive glass and capacitive touch screen demand, while enhancing the company's visibility, market share and profitability, enhance the company's core competitiveness.  Long letter technology specializing in Flat panel display vacuum film materials research and development, production, sales, leading products, including liquid crystal display (LCD) with Ito conductive glass, touch screen with Ito conductive glass, mobile phone panel window, etc., is a flat panel display industry upstream key basic materials professional suppliers. Public data show that the long letter technology in May, the actual fund-raising net amount of 714 million yuan, the super raise funds about 500 million yuan. June, long letter Technology bulletin will be more than 45.25 million yuan to raise funds permanent replenishment of the company's operating capital, all used to repay short-term bank loans. On the basis of this calculation, the fund also has a surplus of about 460 million yuan. But with the two projects in the implementation of the investment, the fund is obviously not enough, long letter science and technology on the two project confidence is self-evident.
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