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Long tail keyword is a site's main source of traffic, good long tail keyword optimization is equivalent to optimize the site of most. So long tail keyword how to optimize it? The following author to share the author's own long Tail keyword optimization skills:


First, blasting long tail keywords

This is actually learning the skills of tong teacher, he raised a shoe for example, and then added a shoe size to add a kind of long tail, and then add the brand of shoes and added a kind of long tail keyword. From then on, the long tail on the densely placed in our long tail word library inside. This is a good inspiration, not only in line with the user's search habits, but also mining countless long tail keyword, thus to optimize a big step forward.

Ii. The simplicity of distribution

Long tail keywords are generally distributed in the content page, but can also be distributed on the description tag. The reasonable distribution of long tail keyword is also belong to the category of SEO optimization, how to distribute can not let the keyword competition between the situation is also need to consider things. There are also some long tail keywords can be directly when the title of use, which not only enhance the long tail keyword weight, you can also use the relevant article links to improve the density of long tail keywords.

Iii. Choice of anchor text

Outside the chain construction often says the anchor text wants the multiplicity, then these diversity optimization, actually may relate to the Content page optimization. In addition, the anchor text changes are also selected in the long tail keyword. It can be imagined that when many long tail keywords have become anchor text, these long tail keyword rankings will also be the corresponding rise.

In fact, the 2nd and 3rd are the 1th extension, when many long tail keyword. We must be reasonably distributed in order to avoid the competition between the keywords. The second is the construction of anchor text, general anchor text is the key words, and anchor text and stress diversification, so long tail keyword became a very good choice. Article by how to open shop http://www.zhishie.com Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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