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The goal of the diagram is to explain what we see is SEO three cornerstone factors, you will be in the search engine to get ranked three important aspects, these factors are closely related to each other, if one of your factors is slightly weak, then you will not be able to get good rankings in search engines.


Technical questions: Technical

This first key element is for getting good rankings to ensure that there are no technical barriers to stop the search engine spiders from reading and understanding your site. We see a lot of small businesses that have similar problems, either organizing the site to get rankings or even working hard to get any results.

The problem with small businesses is that they do not have the domain weight to compensate for technical problems. Big companies can get a lot of luck and they have a stronger advantage in technology. Landing page, iframes, session ID, text in the picture, indexable content, meta robot tag and URL structure, and so on, I'm sure you all know your own story to share.

Content issues: Contents

Content is an extremely abstract thing, and we're going to address the problem, entertain and satisfy the visitor's curiosity, and the final results, based on where you've made important decisions.

Keyword research is often difficult to optimize a link, through a number of keyword research tools to gain insights, you can not fully believe that many times, they will let you into a certain key words misunderstanding, in peacetime work accumulate this aspect of experience, even in the early stage of optimization to instill people your site use the main keyword is what, So your job becomes very easy.

Here, we are not only talking about keywords, but also sharing the information architecture of the site, I would like to take this opportunity to continue my campaign. To be honest, I believe most SEO problems are the result of a poor information system.

This is clearly a related technical issue. If the search engine can't find your page or read your content, do you think such a site still has meaning? The difference is that there is a website to convey semantic information of the search engine and a website to speak the correct language, many SEO webmaster to give most of the advice is to improve the "optimization" to improve the users of your station, But I don't think this is the right thing to do, because page SEO is not just for users, but also for search engines.

Trusting: Trust

The website needs to establish and the user and the search engine three aspects trust degree, lets the user maintain the trust to your site, guarantees the website the contact way and the correspondence address correctness, simultaneously the information content's readability and the real validity.

Website SEO adopt the way of search engine recognition, keep to se friendly. White hat SEO no matter when will not be eliminated. SEO success of the three cornerstones for everyone to introduce this, at the same time it is also the site to optimize the success of the necessary three content, any lack of power will affect the final results of sharing.

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