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Uttered up, from last August registered company to now, find Chava (www.zhaochafa.com) company has been unknowingly a whole year, their own company this year's ups and downs, frustration experience, to share with you on the road of personal webmaster, Want to help the brothers who are interested in working on the company's Web site or running a network company.

Look for a Web site is now a full 4 years passed, last month, the trademark also officially down, but today we do not say the site, do not say trademarks, mainly said the ups and downs of the company.

Site is the same site, in addition to purely personal hobby of the site, the rest is probably to make money, or even to change their fate and future. How does the website make money? I don't need to say, I can not say, I just tell my own example, from personal website to the website of the company operation, how to achieve difficult turn.

Looking for Chava (www.zhaochafa.com) is the predecessor of the classification of Inner Mongolia Information Network (www.nmgxxw.com), the website from 2005 online, at first as a hobby to do, because I prefer to chat, is a lot of people chat in the process will help them solve some things, such as selling computers, Rent a house and find a new owner for the dog. So there is the birth of this platform, I know these with the city supply and demand online, they contact. Because this platform can help me to be in a position to solve a lot of things, even if I take a break, someone will be able to see the supply and demand information, to reach a deal. I like this platform very much, every day I know the need to put online, and will help people in need to post their information, there are looking for information, there is information, there is a message, this platform let me very satisfied (especially to get help people give me a heartfelt thank you), while meeting the needs of the city's netizens, Therefore, the platform has the meaning of existence and the impetus of development. But on the other hand, it seems that the original classification information is a bit outdated, always rely on the site is difficult to survive. But since done, as if chicken, had to bite the bullet down.

Summary: Do the website first is like, if just for money, and there is not a lot of money to support the time, you can hardly do others. At the same time, if your site is not able to meet the needs of users, it does not mean much. If just like no profit model after all it is difficult to last.

The second step: the operation of personal website. When the site has a certain scale, a variety of things will ensue, there are users, customers, peers, there are regulatory departments; in short, the impact of a Web site, its sense of responsibility how heavy, the power is proportional to the destructive. With the accumulation of customers, user accumulation, and the accumulation of experience in various industries, personal webmaster in this period of time to complete the full gestation and upgrade, this time often feel is more and more experience, experience from where to sharpen. The more you sharpen, the faster you grow. Conversely, the faster the personal growth, the faster the development of the website, which is a interlocking process.

Personal operating site, there is a certain ceiling. As time goes by, the website influence expands unceasingly, the personal energy is limited, the website thing's increasing, this time personal limited energy and the website Infinite Affairs became restricts the website development the main contradiction. As long as you embark on a personal website, this contradiction is unavoidable. It's just a matter of time. On the eve of last year's opening of the company, I have written a three-year speech, when I really feel like a flower fire general, feel a little bit of their life in search of Chava hourglass, and the frog sleep more and more late, eyesight worse, the eyes boil more and more red. Also let me see some kind of hidden trouble--in this way, we will be looking for a tear to be found without their own, and finally people do not do the site, but the site to do people.

Step three: corporate operation. In fact, if you have a bunch of good brothers to start a business, the difficulty of doing the company is relatively low, or even without the company's form exists, such as a complete team of personnel to operate the site: Leadership + Management + Technology + Design + market, everyone's responsibility, and finally the form of the acquisition of the perfect curtain call.

But this kind of team operation, there will be a dead point: benefits. Personal website, we only need to motivate ourselves can, can be understood as individual heroism. If the team operation, in the initial team can be driven by the ideals and achievements, but wait until a certain stage of the real benefits, there will be interest in the allocation, involving conflict, because 2048.html "> distribution of unfair benefits of the site aborted cases abound." How to protect and determine the distribution of the interests of each person from the legal level? Shareholding (in fact, because of unfair share distribution, there are many examples of shareholder escapade, but I am not a professional legal person, I can not discuss this, if there is such a master willing to hear the details).

Back to the company's problem, the company is a Web site development is inevitable, the company is not the devil, to find Chava for example, find Chava no matter when, the platform of the public welfare has not changed, the query released information is still free, open. But after the company, can please understand a certain aspect of talent to do, some people understand the technology, the frog liberated, to provide users with better information publishing query platform; Some people understand the business, you can straighten out the market to provide customers with better value-added services; Some people understand management, liberate us, for the company to create a better environment for survival and development. I am very lucky, after a year of corporate-management, found some common ideas, common entrepreneurial aspirations of young people, together to achieve their dreams. Maybe everyone has such a disadvantage, everyone is still lack of personal webmaster experienced honed vicissitudes, but in time, after carving, everything can be improved.

Why the company? Before you answer this question, consider the answer to another question: where is the way out of your personal site? When the network income more and more become the mainstream of webmaster or even the only income, this problem must be unable to escape, today can make a lot of money, this money can make how long? How can you make a lot of peace? How much sunshine can you make? It's possible to start a company with a lot of costs and extra expenses, to deal with a lot of regulators you don't like, but if you want to grow in the sun, there's no better option at home.

In this network has become saturated, fierce competition in the era, to make your website in the network, not only rely on new content, but also rely on advanced team awareness and commercialization of the operating mechanism. and to let their website open the gap with the opponent, the company is undoubtedly a way ahead of the opponents.

In fact, at this time last year, although I made the company but the heart in the rejection refused to the company too troublesome, can be tortured for a while, feel that some important things lost such as their own time and freedom and holidays. Personal hobby and some principles have been fighting, this is my heart the most tired place. Today to share out here, it is very calm, know how to go down the road.

When does the company start? Each person's Internet domain is not the same as his or her own in the field, so the answer to this question is wide ranging. Self-feeling can be described in three 80%, when their energy is the site to occupy 80% of the time (those who all day on the internet does not count), when the site users have 80% requirements for better service, their site in the entire industry beyond 80% of the peer.

China to do things without a "potential" word, take advantage of, should be potential and for, homeopathy and Chang. Choose their own direction, positioning the current position, grasp the trend of potential, to lock their own future, the answer to the question is natural.

After the company's own position? Before the company, personal webmaster can be said to be omnipotent founder, because no one can replace themselves. However, after the operation of the company, to learn to retire, the end of the last is to put himself to death, learn to put a position back to more good at the position of the people to do,

At the same time, learn to delegate, with a person to give a person the corresponding position and power, provided that this power and post should have a sound system to restrict and supervise.

Learn to manage, do the most of the Internet input is time, to do the most of the company is management, the initial lack of staff, management can only own, more to watch the management of books, learn to try to do management, if they are really reluctant to find a professional manager, management to a large extent, is the cornerstone of the determination of firm or not.

Give us a unified sense of value, pointing out the direction. As the founder of the website, can be said to be the spiritual leader of the company, the company, only their best know where the site from, to where to go, so the role of the mentor is indispensable to their own play, and we continue to strengthen the unified values, guidance to the direction of unity, for the joint effort to fight.

Learn to motivate people, good company leaders, are inspiring. One person into 10 steps less than 10 people further. Try changing the concept, the company is not mine, the website is not mine. Is everyone, everyone for their youth and painstaking efforts to increase the team's centripetal force and effort, if the cultivation of a few and their own nearly the realm of experts, each has specialized, such a team potential is very scary. At the same time to do a good job of the psychological tolerance (hehe expectations too high, if not to the expected, will be very hurt)

Since the founding of the company since last year, the rough groping for a whole year, looking back to carry the past and present, sigh unceasingly. I have to scout for so long, looking back, in the long river of time, just a little trek. But this point, has been able to restore some of my own freedom, so that I can straighten out their own, straighten out find Chava (www.zhaochafa.com) intravenous drip. If there is no company, it is impossible to have today's results, including successive brands---find Hair (www.chazhaofa.com),. Find the Community (www.zhaochafa.net). As well as gradually open the station---look up the Contract Header information Network (http://bt.zhaochafa.com), find Chava Chifeng Information Network (http://cf.zhaochafa.com), Find Chava Information Network (http://www.zge.me), Find out the Manzhouli Information Network (http://mzl.zhaochafa.com), look for the Ordos Information Network (http://eeds.zhaochafa.com). Don't click. I will give the fact of the development of this year to the real show to everyone, because I alone and frogs can not make these achievements.

The company opened a year, a year later today in my heart finally accepted the fact that I open the company, because last year to open a company is forced, write here is just a start, I can only share here, no experience will have no say, how to build a successful company, only to be left to talk about the future, Here can only talk about their own additional ideas.

These days in preparation for the wedding, at a time, to reflect on their own, the Web site is a process of enlightenment, all is not ready to do, then, we have nothing to do. But inadequate preparation does not mean that you can do it without preparation, but to have adequate coping and response to the future you are engaged in. If I don't make money, how long can I do it? If the company does not make money, how long can the company hold on? Ask yourself more each day.

In the process of enlightenment, the biggest opponents are not peers, not themselves, but time.

One day, when the four words came out, it was another 30 seconds. When you read this sentence, after 3 seconds. Heaven is fair, giving everyone as much time; do webmaster are not resigned, you and I engaged in the process of the Internet, are contrary to heaven, and for a lifetime to do others two lifetimes do not finish things, so be sure to eat others two lifetimes of suffering, compressed other people two lifetimes of time, Who is the one who goes farther on this road.

Compared to the numerous personal stationmaster, I am lower than everybody's starting point many, the elementary school graduate, the peasant origin, I thought, if I resigned to the word, now still at home Hatiu. It is precisely because I do not accept, contrary to heaven and for, after nearly 30 of the efforts, have been here today and everyone to share the opportunity, I cherish the opportunity to share with you, but also hope in the road of travel, along the way there you, more sharing, not lonely. Not far in the future, around us, will appear more and more network company's boss.

Finally, I hope that webmaster friends think about the next 3-5 years the trend of domestic Internet, to determine today's pay, I wish each individual webmaster for the site to pay a future, do not do cannon fodder.

Copyright NOTICE: This article is originally contained in looking for Chava Guo Jie Heaven and Earth (http://guojie.zhaochafa.com), reproduced please specify the source and keep the corresponding connection, thank you!

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