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Why is there a New Jersey that will support the development of the financial industry? Why is there a Dublin next to London as a support base for High-tech finance? This is not only to prevent financial risk system arrangements, but also technical requirements.  The South China Sea, once a traditional manufacturing powerhouse, is brewing a bold turn: China's New Jersey and Dublin. July 6, the provincial government in Guangzhou held a provincial development of modern service industry, summing up the province to develop modern service experience, and further deploy our province to accelerate the development of modern services.  Located in Foshan Nanhai, Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Area (hereinafter referred to as "financial hi-Tech zone") and so on at the meeting did a typical experience to speak. At present, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other provinces and cities to build financial services areas, Foshan Nanhai, such a county-level regional construction of financial service area is relatively rare in China, started only two years, but the development momentum can not be belittled. Under the background of speeding up the construction of modern industrial system in the province, how to accelerate the development of financial high-tech zone around lofty goals?  Foshan financial industry, how to build a large Pearl River Delta Financial Center area in Hong Kong to seek a place? Counter-city signed 5 billion large documents to understand that the financial High-tech zone is regarded as the promotion of Guangdong Province to build a "strong financial province" strategy of the first seven basic platform, last year was listed as one of the ten new projects in Guangdong province.  In the Pearl River Delta region reform and Development planning outline (2008-2020), Guangdong Financial High-tech zone was formally incorporated into the national strategy, and was positioned as "radiation in the Asia-Pacific region of the modern financial industry back-up service base." The agglomeration effect of "financial Silicon Valley" has already appeared preliminarily.  Recently, the "Hong Kong-Guangdong Financial Cooperation Forum and the Promotion Conference on the financial hi-Tech zone" were signed by the financial high-tech zone, including Sun Hung Kai Finance, AIA, Xinyu Software Co., Ltd. and China Road Data Processing Co. Foshan Mayor Chen Yunxian said that at present, more than 90 domestic and foreign financial institutions to come to the financial high-tech zone investment Research, covering banks, insurance, securities and futures, funds, guarantees, financial b PO (Business process outsourcing) and many other industries, involving the front desk, backstage areas,  The new financial institutions entering Foshan have also set up regional headquarters in the financial high-tech zone.  Financial high-Tech zone responsible person in the interview with this report, in the Hong Kong referral before, the district has introduced investment in 2 years, 12 signed projects, this year, the total plan to introduce 15 projects, the total investment of more than 6 billion yuan, so that the high-tech zone into the total investment reached 12 billion yuan. "After the outbreak of the international financial crisis last year, some international financial institutions did not have the energy to take into account the background development problem, which brought great pressure to the investment, and the Hong Kong Promotion Conference is not bad, but the planned trip to Shanghai, New York and other domestic and foreign cities will be temporarily postponed."  The official said. The rapid growth of the tertiary industry in the South China Sea has benefited from the rapid development of the financial high-tech zone, and the South China Sea, one of the "four Tigers" of economic development in Guangdong, has also solved the problems of energy consumption, large pollution and serious shortage of environmental capacity in the original industrial development., the tertiary industry growth rate greatly accelerated, but also led the South China Sea economic growth rate higher than the city growth.  The statistics from the South Sea Area Bureau of Statistics show that the GDP of South China Sea in 2008 was 1490, 7.5 billion yuan, 16.5% higher than the Foshan 15.2%, and the tertiary industry grew 16.9%, the fastest growth in the three major industries in the South China Sea.  A higher level of significance, is the current Guangdong construction of modern industrial system brought about by the model effect, which is also the recent development of modern services in the province on the financial and High-tech zones on the experience to speak of the reasons. As a high-end industry in the service sector, the financial industry plays a leading role in the construction of modern industrial system, and whether the financial industries can achieve scientific development will become the key to the development of modern service industry in the future.  Said Zhou Gaoxiong, director of the provincial finance office. Feng Bongyan, a professor of the Hong Kong and Macao Economic Research Institute of Jinan University, said in an interview with the financial background of Foshan to find a unique way of financial development. "This has implications for the development of the financial industry in Dongguan, Zhuhai and other cities according to their own characteristics, such as Zhuhai, can think about how to use the development of the piano to promote financial innovation."  "Feng Bongyan said. We want to keep a low profile. Although the initial stage of rapid development, but the South China Sea Building radiation in the Asia-Pacific region Financial back-up Service base pressure.  At present, the regional center cities including Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing are all in the financial backstage layout, which set off the scramble of financial information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and financial business process outsourcing (BPO). "The Asia-Pacific region, India's Bangalore has rapidly emerged as the world's largest financial back-office outsourcing base, which is related to India's developed software industry and English language advantages." The South China Sea financial high-tech zone is still in its infancy and there are too many places to be perfected.  Feng Bongyan to this newspaper reporter said. Lu Lei, a professor at Guangdong Institute of Finance, told reporters that the development of Foshan for the mainland and the Asia-Pacific region financial background services and outsourcing business is likely, he is worried about the lack of preparation. "I am worried that the financial high-tech zone will be solidified in the existing financial background mode, ignoring the development of the financial industry, and strengthen the research and innovation of finance products." "Lu Lei said. He believes that with the development of the capital market in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the intermediary services such as rating and the development of financial software will bring new opportunities to the financial hi-Tech Zone, "the current China's entire financial system is dominated by commercial banks, and around the integrated business trend of commercial banks. Improve the technical content.  "Lu Lei said. Foshan government department revealed to this newspaper, Foshan is interested in financial High-tech zone as the main body, to the State Council to apply for national financial Services outsourcing Demonstration zone. Where the service outsourcing pilot area, the service-oriented enterprises in the area will be able to enjoy a large range of tax concessions. "We are still making plans, we hope to keep a low profile, because it is difficult, competitive, and now service outsourcing is too hot, Shanghai, Dalian, Suzhou and other place than we have a development base." ”The government official said.  Interactive email: New SM anchen@126.com Geography Deep South China Sea how to pry "backstage" in the Pearl River delta?  Although the South China Sea financial high-tech zone is the provincial government-supported High-tech zones, but still facing fierce competition in the province, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the investment strategy is both before and after Taiwan-take-all, especially Shenzhen, trying to "Tun", to do Hong Kong financial back-Office service center. Shenzhen South Mt. District is building a financial services technology innovation Base, Longgang District under the financial background service base, located in the background of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Financial Center, undertaking production data center, disaster backup center, such as 12 financial background business.  Shenzhen deputy Mayor Li recently said that he hopes to build a "financial innovation pilot Zone" with Hong Kong to attract more logistics departments of Hong Kong-funded financial enterprises to move to Shenzhen in the north. Guangzhou financial industry before the main service, backstage has not formed a scale, only a number of large financial institutions in the background business scattered in Guangzhou.  Guangdong Institute of Finance Professor Lu Lei that, in the canton and the city of the geographical impetus, the financial background service industry in Guangzhou should extend to the South China Sea Development, for the canton, Shenzhen, in the case of gold, should focus on the development of good financial front. "Overlap development phenomenon does exist, the internal financial division of the PRD is far from enough." This may be because the current industrial structure has not fully emerged from the shadow of the financial crisis, the financial level of cooperation is not as urgent as the growth. And Hong Kong is worried about competition from Shanghai, and the partners look across China.  "Lu Lei said.  He believes that the South China Sea Park as the province of Guangdong province to determine the only financial High-tech zone, the provincial urban three-level government will concentrate on a variety of advantageous resources to attract domestic and foreign financial enterprises back office and regional headquarters to settle, which is the South China Sea relative to Shenzhen, Guangzhou's comparative advantage. This coincides with the official view. Provincial Finance office director Zhou Gaoxiong said, in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the focus on the development of financial front desk business, Foshan, Guangdong Province to focus on the construction of the financial and High-tech service area, the development of financial background services, so as to maximize the use of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, financial resources to play its institutions,  To play the land and labor cost advantages of Foshan.  According to the relevant departments, Guangdong Province is currently on how to strengthen the division of Financial Services in Hong Kong and Macao Special Research. To see the comparative advantage of Hong Kong's deep ear to build a global financial center the Third pole and the Hong Kong and Macao Economic Research Institute, Professor Feng Bongyan, said in an interview with this newspaper the Great Pearl River Delta region, including Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao, will begin a new round of integration, and it is likely to form a leading city, with Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the wings and Foshan as the backstage,  The Financial Services Division system, which is based on other small and medium-sized cities, constitutes the financial center of the Great Pearl River Delta. Feng Bongyan suggested that all localities should cooperate according to their comparative advantage and endowment conditions. He believes that Hong Kong, as a mature international financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region, is positioned as the third most global financial centre in the world and should develop capital financing, fund management, private banking,Wealth management and financial derivatives and other aspects of high value-added and capital markets business; With the advantages of neighboring Hong Kong, economic advantage and capital market, Shenzhen is suitable to develop into a regional venture capital center, especially the Small enterprise board market in Shenzhen, which may gradually link up with Hong Kong Gem, and serve the regional hi-tech industry.  , Guangzhou will be located in the South China Banking Center, Regional Settlement Center, with its manufacturing, port transport and personal consumption services on the basis of vigorous development, focusing on trade finance, corporate loans and personal consumption credit and other traditional banking business. "One of the challenges facing Hong Kong's financial services industry is the high cost of office space and wages, which restricts the growth of its profits, while the financial high-tech zone established in the South China Sea is for the great Pearl River Delta region to provide financial background services."  "Feng Bongyan said. He believes that at present, China's economic and financial opening to the outside world, Hong Kong and Guangdong Financial cooperation is facing new opportunities and new mission, we need to further broaden the field of cooperation and space, improve the quality and level of cooperation, but also timely adjustment of the focus of cooperation, and constantly enrich the content of cooperation, to create dislocation of Complementary advantages and a new situation of common development.  The tripartite financial cooperation between Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao will probably create the world's third-most financial centre. Reporter Huiping Intern
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