Lotus msg said I do not know the mark was praised good still difficult to hide doubt

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Recently, Lotus msg by the State Administration for Industry and commerce listed in the National trademark strategy to implement the list of demonstration enterprises, and will be the corresponding support policies.  Often concerned about the shares of the industry, although this message for the Lotus msg is a "good" news, but from all sides on the management curve MBO, debt crisis and so on the question has been constantly, Lotus msg deep "questioning the door." A recent announcement by the State Administration for industry and commerce is good news for Lotus Msg.  The announcement said that the National Trademark Strategy Implementation Demonstration Enterprise list, the first batch of 41 national trademark Strategy Implementation Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Lotus MSG Company Limited ranks among them, becomes the Henan province only trademark strategy implementation Demonstration enterprise. It is understood that the selected enterprises have strict requirements, including: own registered trademarks, and the trademark has been the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office, Trademark Commission identified as well-known trademarks, in the country or the industry has a certain representative and industrial characteristics; The technical level, quality, Market share and enterprise economic benefits in the country in the forefront of the same industry, with a certain international competitiveness, and has its own trademark products, service sales accounted for more than 80% of the total sales of enterprises.  Countries that have been identified as National trademark strategy Implementation Demonstration enterprises, the State to give corresponding support policies.  To this "good" news, June 28, "China News" reporter call Lotus msg Securities Office, a staff said not to know. For the recent stock price of Lotus msg, there are insiders analysis that short-term hot spots, trend lag index; from the trading situation, there is still the possibility of a decline in homeopathy.  The current main cost of the unit is 5.41 yuan, the price is located below the cost, Outlook is not optimistic; The industry insiders believe that the brand is in an industry with high visibility, and should play a role in guiding the development of the industry benign. Although the Lotus MSG is well-known trademarks in China, brand awareness is high, but in recent years has been questioned: from the long-standing management curve MBO, the share-splitting reform of large shareholders long-term occupation of listed companies large sums of money, malformed asset structure, as well as the recent suspected violation of securities laws and regulations by the Commissioner for investigation  Lotus msg in the minds of shareholders have greatly discounted the image. However, in the face of experts and shareholders frequently questioned, Lotus Msg did not give a reasonable explanation to the outside world. Beijing Ying Ke law firm lawyer Shili to reporters: "Lotus msg illegal phenomenon is mainly information disclosure is not timely and suspected insider trading."  "She believes that as a listed company, whether positive or spreads, should come forward to answer." In fact, the question of Lotus Msg has not ceased.  Recently, a media survey pointed out that in the profitability of a sharp decline, high cost and even inflated profits behind the appearance of the plight of the Lotus monosodium glutamate, hidden inside and outside the two sets of accounts, kangaroo Treasury, hidden related transactions, ambiguous benefits of transport, accounting audit serious failure and other important factors. Some investors believe that inThis critical juncture, Lotus msg should come out to give you an explanation, should not choose to silence, this is not only difficult to conceal from all sides of the doubt, on the contrary will bring more speculation.
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