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Game designer must know four links

The first step, the responsibility to get through your favorite game, you may stop and think: "How amazing game Ah!" I wish I could make the same amazing game as it is! "Why don't you start acting?" But how do I become a game designer? What skills and qualities do I need? What is a game designer doing? Before becoming a game designer, there are a lot of important questions to answer. So I decided to write a series of related posts! Next, let's discuss the 1th part: What is the task of a game designer? Responsibility 1: Create experience Exper ...

"Know" to earn money: entrepreneurship needs to become the cost of the current problem insurmountable

Coincidentally, at the time of writing this article, I heard the voice of economic interview @ Zhou Yuan ape dung and ape dung. Do you know the big Saturday Beijing Blue Sky, the author Nest at home Listen to know is a kind of selfless fearless revolutionary spirit. You ask me how deep the Aichi, the tube represents my heart. Don't be ridiculous, talk about it. The definition on the Internet is not very accurate, social questions and answers, knowledge sharing, knowledge encyclopedia and so on are only covered by some of the functional requirements, more accurate to say that it should be "knowledge-based social questions and answers website." Internet products have always been the cause of the breeding, it can be said to use ...

50 Most personalized websites, how much do you know?

According to foreign media reports, the United States "Time" magazine every year will be the most personalized list of websites. These sites on the list are both interesting and informative, and can help you save time and money and may even change your life. As in previous rankings, most of the 50 most personalized web sites on the magazine's list are still obscure.   The editors of Time magazine have found that these sites are not only interesting, creative and appealing, but also helpful to you. 1. LastPass website security experts say your ...

Du Liang: A letter to freshmen of e-commerce majors

Is confused, hesitation, complain of E-commerce professional students, you good: This letter is written to the freshmen, but I believe that any level or even graduated from the E-commerce professional students have a role. Every year I can see and hear too many e-commerce majors complaining, yesterday, my alma mater, Xiangtan University, a classmate of electronic commerce and told me that now 07 class freshman was hit very seriously, at the same time, 05, 06 students are also complaining, complain all over the sky, and even a few students have turned professional. In spite of all these years, I have seen no ...

Many times, our hearts will say to ourselves, "I can't", afraid to try

Many times, we will say to ourselves, "I can't", do not dare to try, but in fact, as long as you take the first step bravely, you may see a completely different scenery.   This article is Luo early candidates for a new Oriental cover letter, although he was only a high school graduate, did not go to college, but he was brave to challenge themselves, to do what ordinary people seem impossible to do. (text below) president Yu, hello: I first compare new Oriental recruitment requirements: 1, have a strong English proficiency, English pronunciation standard English level ...

How to learn English from zero?

A few years ago (elder brother 35+), I still ask my father what is "attributive clause", be despised. My wife learns Japanese, whenever I laugh at her English, she tests my English grammar, then I have to laugh at her excel very rotten. But this does not affect me to read the English document, also does not affect me to apply for a reputation to also calculate to go to the foreign enterprise PM post, and did not be they found my English is actually very "rotten" and fire me off. How did you do that? This is a story of how to rely on self-study to master computer English application ability ... Don't want to read the story, jump straight to the end of the answer. ...

I'm a girl, I'll program the students

Absrtact: Being a tech girl means that every day you are treated differently because of your gender. This is my story. I am 17 years old this year, from my home with the first computer began, I am deeply infatuated with it. (At that time, there is no ultra-thin liquid crystal display as a technology girl, it means that every day of you will be treated differently because of your gender.) This is my story. I am 17 years old this year, from my home with the first computer began, I am deeply infatuated with it. (At that time, there is no ultra-thin LCD display, Windows system is also old-fashioned, on ...)

What does big data bring to us?

First, the initial understanding of large data seems to be overnight, big data becomes one of the most fashionable words in the IT industry. First of all, big data is not a completely new thing, Google's search service is a typical large data use, according to customer demand, Google real-time from the global mass of digital assets (or digital garbage) ...

To grow, don't be so desperate

More than 20-year-old you are confused and anxious. If you want both a house and a car, you want to travel and enjoy life. You are so young but in vain to get the whole world, you are so impetuous but feel that you can see through life. You keep urging yourself to grow up quickly, but not sinking heart to go quietly to see a good article; you blew your horn again and again, but it was not far from the starting point.   Do you think that the growth is really as urgent as you think? First, don't worry, do not rush when I was on a business trip in Nanjing last week, in the late night dragged tired to heel ...

Wizards in software industry: Wangjiangmin from "Outcast" to "darling"

Choreographer: Yang Xiaoxuan original In 2002 he, three years old because of polio and fell lifelong disability, did not enter the school gate of the regular university, more than 20 years old in a street small factory as a technician, before 38 years old did not know the computer for the world. That is, no matter from which point of view, have never been the social care of the "outcast", today is known as Zhongguancun's most legendary knowledge hero, the Chinese software industry wizards, the international famous "antivirus King." He is Wangjiangmin. Wangjiangmin, this is a birthday in Zhongguancun ...

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