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For a new PHP environment to build a novice, how to build PHP environment, build PHP environment needs software configuration, local how to build PHP environment, PHP environment to build several ways, a troubled PHP environment for the Novice, the following article from the installation of PHP environment to the operating system selection, PHP environment to build several ways, installation preparation, PHP environment configuration installation process and PHP Novice For detailed explanation, please see below.

I. Installation of PHP environment for operating system selection

Installed Apmserv Web application server, MySQL Application management system and PHP server, light These software is not enough, but also need other related software extensions, can be installed according to their actual situation. Environment installation to the operating system selection, please see below I slowly way.

How to choose the site's operating system, there is a very easy to dispute the topic, many people do not know according to what factors to choose their own web site operating system, under which operating systems to operate these software better.

1, select the operating system of the website

Currently using a Windows system is more, and the Linux system is less used, is generally used by professionals, to choose according to their own circumstances, but here is recommended to use the Windows system, because this is currently the most people use, and the operating interface is also more familiar.

2. Select the operating system for website development

Development should be in the development of their own time, choose their most familiar operating system is better, if the use of Linux system is the best, but for those who are not familiar with the system, it is best to operate the Windows system before moving to the Linux system for testing.

Two, PHP environment to build several ways

Windows system

One is lamp, that is linux+apache+mysql+php, the other is Wamp, which is windows+apache+mysql+php, which is most commonly used for configuration of PHP environments.

Linux system

Php_lamp environment installation, detailed installation video address:


Common integrated

The most common such as Appserv. Now Zend company has produced Zend server (its free version is called Zend server CE), with internal integration of Apache, PHP, Java Bridge, Zend Optimizer, Zend Guard, Loader (to enable the operation of the use of Zend Guard encrypted PHP program, Zend Data Cache, Zend Debugger, Zend framework, etc., installation can also choose to install phpMyAdmin, MySQL, etc., you can also use the management tools it provides (Web form) To configure PHP, save manual configuration.

III. Installation and preparation

Regardless of what kind of operating system to install the PHP environment, we have to download the latest environment configuration server and the latest version of the source code, and according to their actual situation is also adopted: windows, Red Hat Linux operating system, assuming that our computer has installed the above one of the operating system, You can follow the steps below to build your PHP environment. To suggest a perfect PHP environment, it's a good idea to spend a little more time on the source code and prevent some errors from appearing.

Everyone in the installation or configuration of the environment if you encounter problems, need to ask for help, welcome to enter the to ask questions or post for help.

To the official website to download the latest version of the environment configuration software.

Software name Download Address






Four, PHP environment configuration installation process

Below to Iwebshop Mall system, using the Apmserv configuration of the environment to build, under the Windows system to build.

Put the downloaded Apmserv and unzip it on the local computer D disk.


Unpack Good Apmserv Open, configure the environment. Then enable Apmserv services, and then hit the file, find the "www" file, and then the Iwebshop Mall system for decompression, and then put the mall system files into the Apmserv file inside the "www" file. (Note: If Apmserv can not start, it is likely due to the local computer 80 port to be occupied, you can use the command to close the port, or their own computer on the Thunder or running other soft text occupies 80 ports, only need to close on the line. )


The Iwebshop Mall system to the picture of all the files selected, copied to the Apmserv file inside the "www" file.


Be sure to remember to start the APMSERV service! If not, we enter "" in the browser to install Iwebshop Mall system, appear as shown in the picture.


Just go to the next step.


Click Next


To this point, you need to note that the database name can be defined, the account with the default "root" password is empty, be sure to remember that the password is empty, do not need to fill in, the website background account and password to define their own, but must remember, try to set the password more complex, Otherwise hackers can easily steal your site's background password, so modify the site content information, or put some dangerous files. When all is completed, click Next.


To arrive at this step, we have successfully installed the local PHP environment, and successfully installed their own personal site, hurriedly click Backstage and the front desk, experience it! Be sure to remember to collect the background address. Http://, if we are not satisfied with the template of the website, we can find the template for the mall in the network to replace the original template, if you do not understand the code and procedures, Can let oneself understand friend help revise.

If you are not familiar with the environment or in the construction process encountered problems, you can log in to help.

This article summary: This article by Idsem team member Lu Yuhua hand gripping, the copyright belongs to the Idsem team Lu Yuhua All, hoped that brothers and sisters, to the younger sister I left a small footprint: you respect!

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