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Reporter Yang Xiaoyuan yue, Yang Jing report: "This is the strongest discount this year," the experts said, "the cheapest car at the end."  At yesterday's Wuhan International Auto Show, on the issue of car price trends, dealers and experts to fight the point of view. Yesterday's auto show a "full price", the independent brand as always offering a million or so concessions, the joint-venture brand of a Japanese car also said that compared with the manufacturer guided prices fell to 34,000. Reporters interviewed a number of exhibitors said that the auto show "is the last time this year the greatest concessions."  An independent brand dealer said to reporters, the auto show to increase the intensity is to "activate" the off-season dormant purchasing power, "the end of the year to buy cars will increase, dealers will be off the off-season when the discount, the car price instead of cheaper now." Dealers say prices are already the lowest, industry experts do not think so.  Yesterday, in sync with the auto Show "Hubei Auto Industry Development Forum", the national Passenger Car Market Information Association Secretary-General Rao said that the second half of the growth pressure of the automotive markets, the market is likely to appear "before the high" trend, so the public can wait for the end of the car. Before this "point of view War", car buyers have their own judgment on market movements. Yesterday at the auto show, the scene of the sale of consumers, but there are also car buyers to reporters that the auto show he saw a car price and half a year ago and no two. In addition, there are still some consumers think the market will still have room for price reduction, choose to continue to wait and see.
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