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The title was written when I finished the second lesson yesterday. But there has been no way to write down this article, and in fact this article is to teach the soft literature marketing writing structure, but feel that there is a good topic in the hands of a good writing ideas, the structure of the article has a good idea. Webmaster in the soft writing will use some of the structure, like our students writing, writing style and writing structure are different, today Mo Shi trillion on the structure of soft writing to share.

There are three kinds of soft writing structure at present, respectively, narrative News category soft text, event commentary category soft, experience and technical categories of soft, in the three soft text, respectively, using three kinds of soft structure, the following authors to analyze, by the way, for all types of soft writing used in the structure of comments, Let everyone in the learning process can use these methods.

Narrative News class soft structure. News soft text is generally the enterprise propaganda or brand activities such as the use of communication mode, so in the article writing does not have too many rhetoric, and the advertisement ingredient is very obvious, this kind of soft Wen often sees in the network media channel, like Sina Technology, NetEase technology and so on, therefore this kind of soft article mainly is to display the enterprise or the product superiority as the leading , the structure can be eclectic, but Mo Shi to understand this kind of soft wen have some characteristics, for example, the use of a relatively large number of cases, speech relative to its nature exaggerated factors, such as Enterprise Soft wen more to show the advantages, but also have the other side of the negative information such as the release of soft text, here not one of the narrative. This kind of soft wen is suitable for the internet to know more about, while writing relatively can soft writer.

Event Comment class soft text. Event Comment Soft text is a more common soft text, especially in the webmaster sector, the Internet is constantly changing, and the corresponding events often occur, such as the recent Baidu update and so on, can be written in soft communication, comment type structure of freedom, the incident to carry out their own thinking comments, Such comments are common in various fields, such as the IT commentary in our webmaster world is a typical one, and the types of it reviews are also called third party reviews, such as Dingdao, a well-known third party commentator in the country.

Experience technical class soft paper. Experience technical soft wen and now stationmaster kind of soft wen is similar, the author of their own technology or build station experience through the form of the article to share, such articles common structure total-total, total-cent, cent-total, the other is a free structure, and narrative news soft text structure almost, Usually do a website or the author of the concern webmaster write such soft wen is relatively easy, Mo Shi trillion is a website, so in this aspect of the article on Kung Fu is not bad, but still need continuous efforts and experience summary. The advantages of this kind of article is that the target user is more concentrated, easy to form the communication, such as writing soft marketing courses, for the users of Soft wen, so the type of webmaster is relatively easy to master, but it is worth writing attention to the problem should be from the actual, do not make a fictitious deception.

This paper analyzes the structure of soft writing and plays a guiding role in soft writing. Mo Shi trillion since writing since March, through continuous learning, to understand that soft writing is not simply relying on writing ideas, in the people stand out of the article in addition to the structure of a clear and easy to read, in the soft text marketing perspective, More is the fostering of cooperation. At the same time, the power of soft text is powerful, the degree of infection of the text to see everyone's writing ability, Mo Shi trillion on the text of the understanding only on the surface, because did not learn professional knowledge, so many methods have not been shared to everyone, followed by the author is also in constant learning, hope that the next time to share more structural articles.

Writing here suddenly has a new idea came out, before writing the value of the marketing of Soft Wen, after the introduction of material finishing and application, and then wrote the soft writing structure, tomorrow will write how to insert in the soft text ads, I think this is what we pay attention to, soft marketing writing is a cycle of progressive process, With the following article one by one written, you will really understand and use the soft text.

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