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For most developers, the use of "gold" in mobile phones can be seen but not dug. CFP Map

Low promotion cost and high profit model

"I want to pay in the app store to buy a genuine navigation map, paid a few times did not succeed, and a few days before the refund fee", recently, mobile phone user Miss Li complained to reporters that the current domestic mobile app experience too bad.

Reporter survey found that the Chinese mainland mobile app development entrepreneurs have nearly millions of people, but the success rate of less than 1%, more than 90% of developers are in the "white busy."

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User experience paid app cost low

Miss Li is not particularly familiar with the roads around Guangzhou, use a few free navigation is often wrong, so in the app Store to find a paid genuine navigation software, the price is 50 yuan, but with the bank card paid a few times did not succeed, the money back is going to wait for several days, "It feels like these mobile apps are inconvenient to use" , Miss Li complained to our correspondent.

"Spent money in the software there is not timely updates, or the software appears a lot of bugs, the use of not smooth, but also the use of other enterprises of the same free software," mobile phone users Cao Junda to this reporter said.

Development status The practitioners are making little money.

According to this newspaper, there are millions of developers working on mobile app Development on iOS and Android platforms in mainland China. But many startups are a small team of several people and more than 10 people, their products are not influential, many products are free to use, even if the case has been successful, but also in the failure of dozens of, Even after hundreds of products, the success rate is less than 1%.

"At present the domestic mobile app makes little money, many startups are still in the start-up period, the goal has not thought of profit, but to accumulate users," said Wang Yingzi, the CEO of punctuality. "A few successful cases have attracted a large number of developers into the industry, but at present, the success rate is very low, many developers are still in the groping stage," Wang Jialiang CEO told the newspaper reporter.

Industry dilemma

1, promotion fee as high as millions of yuan

In this reporter's survey, many engaged in mobile app development enterprises have said, to want a product success, in addition to the product itself, the promotion costs are too high, many start-ups "fell in the dawn." It is understood that the current mobile app products from research and development to the market short as long as 2-3 months, large, complex about half a year can also be listed, but the promotion is a huge "spell money" process.

It is understood that the different types of mobile app promotion costs are not the same, the application of tools to promote the cost of about millions of yuan a year, while the game, social mobile app promotion costs are very high, a year to tens of millions of dollars to promote the cost. "A period of time before a well-known manufacturers of mobile phone games listed, one day put a millions of yuan promotion fee", the industry has told the newspaper reporter.

2, no successful business model

Even if there is enough "money" to burn, it does not necessarily guarantee the success of the product in the market. No successful business model is a common problem in mobile app market.

And according to our reporter in-depth interview learned that although mobile app is technologically advanced, but there are two main types of charging mode: One mode is to charge users, including charge download, and the second is the advertising mode, that is, "Pay-per-click", for example, every time a user clicks on the ads embedded in the app, Merchants to pay the app developer 2-4 Yuan, if a user successfully converted to the merchant's customers, app developers can receive 7 yuan. But because Chinese users like to use free software, both modes are harder to go.

3, the product life cycle is short

It is understood that the current mobile app product homogeneity phenomenon is also more serious, less innovation is the whole industry another big problem. And many products if there is no good ideas, and there is no large amount of money to promote the life cycle is very short.

"No money to promote, a product 2-3 months will disappear." "It is understood that make a product, attract large funds to buy, is currently a lot of small mobile app development team mentality," if there is no capital to buy, many small teams are to fend for themselves, resulting in the industry every year to eliminate many small enterprises, but at the same time a large number of entrepreneurial team, "said the industry.

Industry people say tens of thousands of yuan can start a business

According to industry insiders, the current access to mobile app developers ranks relatively low, as long as there are a few like-minded friends, rent a house, a few computers can start, the entire cost of about tens of thousands of yuan on the line.

According to the reporter understand, currently engaged in mobile app development of the main three categories. First, some college students with such interests and hobbies work together to set up a start-up company, "If you can get the support from the relevant departments, enter the entrepreneurial park, even the rent is saved"; second, those who have been involved in the relevant technology in well-known IT companies, they have good technical experience, and have access to investment institutions, Its advantages are unmatched by other peers; the third is pure Chaogeng technicians, who are more interested in this category.

Successful experience "Export"

2008, Wang Jialiang founded the technology of touch treasure. At present, more than 100 million global users of the technology, of which about 60%-70% are overseas users, including Germany Telecom T, France Telecom Orange and so are pre-installed its application. Wang Jialiang said, rely on "export", not only to avoid being the domestic peer malicious plagiarism, and have a successful overseas case, and then go back to domestic expansion of the market is much easier.

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