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Absrtact: Although the A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot spots. The concept of mobile gaming shares have surged recently, and it has become a beautiful landscape in the market. Related concept stocks, such as Zhong Qing bao (300052.SZ), Northern latitude Communication (002148.SZ),

Although the A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot spots. The concept of mobile games stock prices recently soared, became a market "beautiful" scenery. Related concept stocks, such as Zhong Qing bao (300052.SZ), Northern latitude Communications (002148.SZ), Palm Technology (300315.SZ) and other stocks since April the highest increase in more than 100%.

Market funds for concept-related stock is the reason for its popularity of mobile gaming prospects, listed companies also use their ability to "find the concept" of the advantages of "grab food" mobile phone game business, the business did not involve the mobile phone game listed companies, such as Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ), Datang Telecom (600198.SH ) and other companies to enter the market through the acquisition of mobile game development companies. And the company that has been doing mobile phone games is also increasing investment in the field, such as northern latitude communication through non-public offerings to increase the investment in mobile gaming.

The "Feast" of the mobile games being staged in the capital markets is likely to evolve into a "leftover feast" for investors because of the different minds of companies.

The concept of frying

Philip shares (000979.SZ) August 6 late announced the news, based on bullish mobile gaming market future prospects and development space, the company intends to invest 100 million yuan set up Hangzhou Megatron Network Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in mobile phone game development, market planning and market promotion, and is willing to in the next 3 years according to the development of new companies need to invest about 500 million yuan, for game development, team integration and mergers and acquisitions.

By the company to enter the mobile phone game news, the company shares in the market after the opening on August 7 by the pursuit of capital, the company's shares on the day trading closed at 9.45 yuan per share.

In fact, since April this year, the concept of mobile phone game stocks have been enthusiastically sought after by the market funds. In a A-share listed companies, whether it was previously engaged in mobile phone game business companies, or just entered the industry companies, share prices have come out of a round of "soaring" market.

In 2010, landed a-share market to web games as the main business of the Green Treasure, in 2011 began to expand mobile gaming business. At the beginning of 2013, the company said that the company was paying close attention to the mobile gaming market and had already begun to layout the business.

According to the company layout mobile phone game news, since April, the Chinese stock price rose continuously, to August 6, the company's share price per share up to 41.49 yuan. On July 23, the company's share price climbed to 44.66 yuan per share, relative to April 1 11.13 yuan/share of the closing price, the company's highest rose to 301.25%.

As a dedicated mobile phone game technology and north latitude communication, in the capital market is naturally also sought after the funds. From April 1 to August 7, the price per share of palm technology rose from 38.24 yuan to (after the right price) 95.27 yuan, or 149.14%. Over the same period, the northern latitude of communication prices from the 17.79 yuan low to 42.56 yuan, the rise of up to 139.24%.

In addition to the cash-strapped companies that have been involved in mobile gaming, the company's Huayi brothers have risen sharply this year through acquisitions. Since July 23 announced the acquisition of Guangdong Silverside Technology stake in the mobile game, Huayi Brothers share price even pull four trading.

In addition, the New Hai Yi (002089.SZ), run and Software (300339.SZ) two companies only because of its recruitment of mobile phone developers are warmly sought after by the market funds. Among them, a number of Web sites from July 2 onwards a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Yi Bo Software recruitment information, recruitment needs, including mobile phone game server development engineers, games, such as the original portrait painter and other positions, which led to the company involved in the "Hand Tour" conjecture. Affected by this, the company's share price rose from July 2 5.65 yuan to August 6 of 9.99 Yuan, the rise of up to 76.81%.

"The concept of mobile gaming has come to the market this year, is due to the large-scale popularity of smartphones, the market for the industry's prospects are very promising." "A brokerage media analyst told the China Business news reporter that since last year to the first half of this year, mobile gaming has entered a high-speed development period."

According to the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Institute of Data, China's smartphone in the second quarter of 2012 for the first time exceeded the number of non-intelligent aircraft shipments, 2012 year smartphone shipments for 258 million, compared with the same period last year 166.8%, the market share reached 55.3%, mobile online games have been the hardware foundation.

Huatai Securities pointed out that the 2011 month income of millions of mobile phone game products only a few, and by 2012 has more than 10 of hand-travel products to reach tens, now has 20 million or even 30 million income of the hand tour. One of the "Big Master" "World Ol" "Immortal Road" "QQ Sword" "Forget Fairy" "fishing up to 2" and so on the list. More than 10 mobile phone game monthly income of tens of millions of dollars, marking the arrival of the hand tour market prosperity.

According to Yi Zhi ku, "China's online game market 2013 in the first half of the data release", the mobile games market size reached 2.166 billion yuan in 2012, an increase of 79.3% from 2011. The "China online game Market Trend forecast 2012-2015" published by the Yi-chi think-tank, is expected to increase the market scale of mobile games in the first half of 2013 to 3.004 billion yuan, the chain growth of 135.3%, the mobile gaming market is expected to be more than 20 billion yuan in 2015, 2013-2015 Mobile gaming Market Size will maintain a high growth rate of about 50%.

Financing beaches

The market for mobile gaming, but also stimulated a number of listed companies to quickly finance the "fight", previously did not involve the industry through acquisitions and joint ventures into the mobile gaming industry, including the main business and mobile gaming industry far from the company, And the previous main business to do mobile gaming companies are also beginning to increase investment in this field.

This year, the companies that have invested heavily in the mobile gaming industry are bypassing Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ) and Datang Telecom.

June 27, Datang Telecom announced the "issue of shares and pay cash to buy assets and raise supporting funds plan", to 1.699 billion yuan to buy Guangzhou to play Entertainment Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "to play entertainment") 100% stake in the mobile gaming industry. Data show that to play the main business for the web game operation and mobile network game development and distribution, in the mobile side, in March 2013, to play entertainment with independent property rights of the "Rich series" ("Rich legend" "Big Rich"), such as the monthly income of the hand travel amounted to more than 9 million yuan.

July 24, Huayi Brothers announced that the company intends to Liu Changju, Mookie Creative, Tencent computer issue shares and pay cash to buy its holdings of Silverside Technology 50.88% stake, the transaction price of 672 million yuan. Silverside Science and technology main business for mobile network game research and Development, operational services, since 2013, silverside technology by filling the market blank of the horizontal version of Fighting intelligent terminal mobile games "space-time Hunter", among the monthly revenue Tens other mobile gaming company.

In contrast to the two mobile game Forces nouvelles, as has been engaged in mobile gaming business, north latitude communication is also not to be outdone. July 9 This year, the company announced the Non-public offering scheme, the total amount of funds proposed to raise 500 million yuan, of which 221 million yuan has mobile phone games research and development and operation projects.

By August, the market of the listed companies to grab the mobile phone game is further intensified.

August 6, in addition to the main business of the real estate business Philip announced into the mobile gaming industry, the main business for models and electric toy car star Model (300043.SZ) announced that the company to 18.36 million yuan and access to Shenzhen Cheong Entertainment World Technology Co., Ltd. 51% of the equity, into the mobile gaming industry. Chang Entertainment World on July 9, 2012 before the registration of the establishment, registered capital of only 500,000 yuan.

On the same day, Everest information (300288.SZ) and Beijing Dream City Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dream City Interactive") shareholder Lu Shifeng signed the "Equity transfer Agreement", the company's own capital of 3 million yuan to buy the Dream City Interactive 35% equity. Dream City Interactive Company was founded on May 22, 2013, is a mobile phone game development and operation of technology-based Enterprises.

In addition, some companies are talking about acquiring mobile gaming companies. such as the Phoenix Media (601928.SH) A person told reporters that the company is currently working with a number of mobile game operators to negotiate acquisitions, but there is no substantial progress.

"Three companies announced their move into mobile games within a week, and the market was too hot or even crazy to be in the industry." "Obviously, with the popularity of smartphones, companies want to get a slice of the game's feast," said a senior executive at a mobile gaming company.

Each bosom "Gizzard"

"While many listed companies are equally passionate about mobile gaming, it is a careful analysis of the way in which they enter the field. "A private-equity insider who focuses on the mobile gaming industry said to reporters a large number of listed companies into the industry broadly divided into three kinds, one is the opportunity to hype the company's shares, for major shareholders to reduce or the upcoming lifting tide to prepare, the other is to take the current rapid development of the industry to increase the company's profit channels to make the performance more beautiful, Another is to improve the company's industrial chain or to achieve transformation.

"The main business of China-Hong shares for real estate, and mobile gaming business is far away." These people said that their sudden high-profile announcement into the Hot mobile gaming field, perhaps with the majority of shareholders to reduce the company's shares.

Data show that Philip shares holding shareholder Philip Zho Ye March 26 through the Shenzhen bulk trading system Total selling 37.4 million shares of listed companies, a total of nearly 300 million yuan. On May 28, Philip Zho Ye sold a total of 50 million shares of its shares through the bulk trading system, which is now 400 million yuan. It still holds 50.883% of the company's shares after its reduction.

A market personage said, Philip shares this time the establishment subsidiary enters the handset game industry to say, the new company in the project development and the technical operation aspect, mainly relies on the Tanghangseng team, the company in the research and development technology level existence certain uncontrollable, the actual operation effect has the uncertainty, From the side reflects the company on this project has not made the risk of capital and income accounting, more is to borrow the concept of "hand tour" to enhance the share price for the major shareholders further reduction to create a good price.

Talking about Datang Telecom into the mobile gaming industry, the market Personage said, Datang Telecom in recent years, the performance is not ideal, to seek new business to optimize the financial statements is imminent.

The data showed that Datang Telecom's net profit lost 119 million yuan in the first quarter, down 47.65% year-on-year. The company's acquisition of entertainment in the first quarter of 2013 to achieve net profit of 30.7972 million yuan, and is expected to be in 2013 year performance year-on-year growth.

and has been engaged in mobile phone game business to increase the northern latitude of mobile gaming investment, by the market is considered to strengthen the company's main industry. Data show that from 2010 to 2012, the northern latitude mobile phone game revenue is 73.6646 million yuan, 80.5066 million yuan, 83.0499 million yuan, accounting for the company's operating income ratio of 32.75%, 33.87%, 37.17% respectively.

The above market Personage said, compared to other enterprises to enter the new mobile phone game is different, north latitude communication, palm technology and other companies have been engaged in the business, its increased investment in mobile games in line with the company's consistent development strategy.

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