Multi-function High efficiency dehumidifier lets everyone live a "dry" day

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Recent news, Fuzhou Rainy. Many citizens reflect the humidity of the room and the hard clothes. Don't worry, the sea is convenient launched the Sichuan Island multi-function High-performance Dehumidifier, so that we have a "dry" day.

Last week, Miss Lin of the well Road ordered one. She said, portable and easy to use, not only can dehumidification, but also able to clothing. This time, as soon as I heard that there was a big discount, she immediately called in 968111 and said that she would order another one for her mother who had suffered from rheumatism for several years. Originally, Miss Lin's mother suffering from rheumatism for many years, humid weather joints easy to teng, if used on the dehumidifier, can play a very good role in relieving.

Multifunctional High-performance dehumidifier Working principle, is by the fan will be wet air suction machine, through the heat exchanger, the air moisture condensation into water droplets, gathered into the tray, and the drying of the air into the room, so the continuous cycle of indoor humidity gradually reduced. It consumes power low, the appearance is exquisite and practical, not only can absorb the excess water of the room, and purify dry clothes and so on effect.

Multifunctional High-performance Dehumidifier, not only the home is suitable, the more humid warehouse office space computer room, such as precision instrument room is also applicable. Interested buyers can go directly to Jinshan Fujian Daily Printing Center B Street store (big run Fat supermarket diagonally opposite) to watch the prototype, will have staff to introduce you. At the same time, also provides free door-to-door service.

Sichuan Island multi-functional High-performance Dehumidifier, the market price of 1999 yuan per unit, March 10 before dialing 968111 order or log in the Sea Shop ( online shopping, just 1899 Yuan!

(Zhu Min-min Wang Yijun)

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