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A few days ago to see the webmaster released the "source station, Webmaster's sadness" looked after, I did not know how to do when the source station is not how to promote, and that webmaster mood! Now my source station to achieve more than 1W IP, I do not say the Web site. I have summed up the promotion method and hope to help people in need.

First of all to do a good friendship link, and the other side of the homepage to be often searched for updates, this proves that the search for its weight is relatively high, at least two days to update the homepage of the site to do friendship links, this is the key, and it is best to have PR, so search every day to the other station to grasp the data will touch your station, So your station is often updated. The best number of links between 20-30, to the relevant type, search will come every day you stand, you add data. Waiting for the search to bring you the flow.

Then, 168 source station webmaster has a little done well. is to download the address must be clear, at a glance, otherwise do not download the person looking for half a day do not know where to download the address, then who will come again? Want to keep people to do stand to do clear. It is important to keep people, if you stand 1000IP a day. If you can keep 10 people in one day, you are enough. This algorithm is simple. Second, download speed must be fast enough, at least in 40/kb above it, or now who still love to wait oh.

Then insist on daily update, in my personal experience, update the best time is in the morning before 10 to complete all the content update, of course, can also be batch update, the morning before 10 must have updated content, no matter how much, this 168 source station do not good, I observed two days, Updates are updated at around 11.30. However, the content of the station is not bad, he said that every day to update a boutique, indeed. Oh。

Then the site itself to deal with the problem, is to promote. How to promote the following is my original experience of promotion, now not to promote.

1. To the relevant source code forum to post, not too cow B, or be sealed ID. One day you can send a two stickers. (This goes to two or three forum posts for one weeks, and 70-100 of IP per day)

2. Baidu to know the needs of the software and update some of the content of the site, remember the reply to the address AH. (three to five a week to go back to the problem, one months to adhere to, there will be 300-500 per day traffic, this is not bad.) Oh, I have been through, high when there are more than 1000 a day

3. To open a two-level domain name to do some such as beautiful pictures of the station, now collected on the line. I see 168 source station is mainly download did not open other columns, this development is more tired. Open a beautiful picture collection point data, how to say a day also has 500-800 IP. Of course, not necessarily to beauty, hot on it, the specific people themselves grasp. (But I think if the 168 source code station has developed, or a good station, mainly downloads, resources are good, it is estimated that people can be retained.) Look at him these two days in the adjustment column, estimates also want to update the software, and not only update the source code. )

Go through the top three points. One months or so, your station every day from the forum and Baidu know there are two levels of the flow of the column, one day there are about 1500-2000. Plus its own search traffic, I believe your flow is good. It's just a matter of time, keep going, traffic will come up. Hope that the advertising source site to help, but also hope that 168 source station webmaster can see this paste, may be helpful to you, but also hope that your station flow can improve.

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