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June 6 is the national love day, adolescent Internet addiction has become the enemy of eye protection, as a result of continuous prolonged Internet access caused by decreased vision, or even blindness cases are common. The content of the Internet world is endless. Every link behind the mouse has more links to tempt us, let alone children, even adults. In order to prevent the children from being over-the-internet becoming "little eyes," parents have all said "human-made alarm clocks," "forced outages," and "threatening intimidation." However, The opposite effect.

The actual want to let children understand the importance of protecting eyesight, using reasonable and effective tools to help children develop healthy habits in order to achieve the wishes of parents. The advent of love in the eyes of the occasion, Sogou introduced the first browser designed specifically for eye protection - Sogou high-speed browser eye version, increase the "eye reminder" function, according to the user pre-set time to remind time, Help children develop healthy eye habits, protect the child's soul window.

Internet addiction caused by high incidence of adolescents, healthy eyes refused to use the temptation

Teenagers are in their infancy and have poor self-control. They often can not resist the fun and informative "link seduction" on the Internet. It is common for computers to lie in front of their computers for half a day or even for a whole day. Uninterrupted continuous Internet access to the eyes of the damage is very serious, not only will lead to decreased vision, may also cause dry eye, blink of an eye, glaucoma, chronic conjunctivitis and other ocular surface diseases, severe cases can lead to retinal detachment caused blindness.

"In recent years, more and more computer terminal syndromes have been seen at hospitals, and similar patients can be encountered almost daily." For example, dry eye is a geriatric disease that has been associated with a decrease in tear secretion due to frailness and illness. Are over the age of 50, and now many young people have got dry eye, eye care for young people use the eye health urgent. "Relevant ophthalmologist said.

Regular reminder easy to use, pay attention to rest to protect eyesight

Faced by the Internet caused by eye problems how to protect it? Experts pointed out that the key to adolescent Internet eye health is not a long time staring at the screen for a long time, the eyes continued to stare at a place generally can not exceed 1 hour, otherwise Will lead to vision loss and even lead to other eye diseases. Therefore, every hour Internet access, parents should remind their children to take appropriate rest, you can look at the distance, you can also do eye exercises to ease the visual fatigue.

Sogou high-speed browser eye for parents will provide you with an intelligent "reminder." By Sogou high-speed browser eye version of the "eye reminder" function, parents can set the time in the children's browser in advance, so Sogou browser can be automatically reminded, so that children pay attention to proper rest, prevention Eye disease.

It is understood that Sogou high-speed browser eye version also has a "eye color" function, the browser can be transformed into a more suitable background for the human eye to see the light green, the Internet in the process of their eyes to protect. With Sogou Hi-Speed ​​browser eye protection, parents can let children have "Love Eye Day" every day.

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