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Xinhua launched 2014 "National Teeth" Xi ' an free clinic activities

Xinhua Real Estate September 18 XI ' An News (reporter Dena) September 18, Xinhua Real Estate Xi ' an station to join hands with Shaanxi letter Yuan Property invited small white Rabbit Oral Hospital, in YA-Dutch telecom community launched to "healthy every day, from the beginning of love Teeth" as the theme of the national teeth public awareness of the activities.
Day of the event, led by Zhao Yu, the medical director of Xi ' an White Rabbit stomatological hospital, the hospital's medical staff focused on providing oral disease diagnosis and dental care counseling to the elderly in the community, helping the community to master the knowledge about oral diseases and how to develop scientific dental cleansing habits to reduce the incidence of oral diseases. And this activity has been Shaanxi letter Yuan property staff strong support.

Less than 2 O ' Day in the afternoon, the community room in the YA-Dutch telecommunications community gathered more than 30 people came to consult and study community. Xi ' An small white Rabbit oral Hospital Medical director Zhao Yu at the event site, through PPT, in the form of graphic combination, so that the community residents of common oral diseases and health use common sense and other issues have a clearer understanding. He told everyone that because the mouth is an open organ, and many people do not pay attention to daily care, now 99% of people in the country have gum bleeding, dental caries, dental stones, halitosis and other periodontal diseases. In response to this phenomenon, we recommend that you do two times a year teeth external cleaning, one time a year gum internal cleaning, brush teeth two to three times a day, to maintain three minutes each time.

In the subsequent oral cavity free inspection link, just received the medical staff inspection Strict Master is pleased to tell reporters: "I have just retired this year, this one or two years do not know how, often early to brush their teeth, or usually eat something to tooth blood, I heard today there is a free clinic, I would like to consult, by the way to help the doctor to see what is the reason. "Zhao Yu doctor carefully examined the teeth of master, told him:" Is often smoking, combined with the usual brushing teeth, the way is not correct, there is dental plaque attachment, dental stone accumulated too thick, take time to do a clean teeth, can be very effective to alleviate symptoms. With such a reply, Master Yan left with great satisfaction.
The whole activity lasted until 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and the residents of the community center gradually dispersed. More than 60 community residents participated in the event, we all expressed the hope that such activities can also be carried out in the community, to more people to popularize oral health care knowledge.

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