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Speaking of personal independent blog, now more and more owners have their own independent blog, and even some webmaster there are more sites. As we all know, blogs or blog is mainly a comprehensive web site for personal views, publishing pictures, music, animation and many other media applications. The biggest feature of the blog is to communicate with the Netizen through the message or comments, of course, individual independent blog can be used as a commercial blog, so individual independent blog How to make their own blog in the search engine rankings, to achieve profitability? Network push 365 will share with you the secret of independent blog to realize profit.

I. Blog Promotion article

With the continuous emergence of personal webmaster, personal Independent Blog is more and more, to make their own blog to visit a large amount, you must do a good job of blog promotion, the following network push 365 for you to introduce several common blog promotion methods, of course, also applicable to a variety of types of Web site promotion.

1, the Site Directory layer should be clear

I used to blog for many years, from Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other portals blog has been playing to today's personal independent blog, "Net Push 365", individual independent blog is also a Web site, good blog optimization is the key step. First of all, the structure of personal blog to adjust well, so that the structure of the site is clear, that is, the Site directory layer not too deep, generally not more than three layers, so that it is conducive to the search engine crawl.

2, Web page static processing

As we all know, static Web pages for the search engine is the most friendly, easy to include, and can reduce the pressure on the server, and dynamic site page is not conducive to search engines, and even sometimes can not crawl.

3, the production of quality website content

No matter what the site, the production of quality site content is the key, only the article you write can be enough to attract users of the eyeball is a good article. We are writing blog as far as possible to the text, search engine on the pictures and flash animation is not very friendly, if the article inserted in the picture, you must give the picture plus alt description, do a small optimization, so that will not be ignored by the search engine. In writing articles, be sure to pay attention to the user experience of the problem, some details are to be noted, such as your article layout is neat, whether users can read your article as a kind of enjoyment. If you keep doing this, your blog will attract a lot of readers.

4, Good Friendship link exchange

This is also a good blog to promote an important content, to find some of their own blog-related sites to exchange links can also bring a lot of traffic, how to do a good job of friendship link skills, online articles have been overwhelming, net push 365 here no longer detailed.

5. Construction of inner chain and outside chain

According to the network push 365 experience, although outside the chain construction to own blog website to have certain benefit, but practice has proved that the construction of the chain is more important than the outside chain, for those who blindly looking for the chain of friends, net push 365 suggest these friends can be appropriate to slow down the pace, I believe that the site to optimize the friends have had the same experience, That is, you and those PR high value of the site to exchange links, they often do not want to exchange with the station, the reason is that the big site is afraid to reduce their weight, so we have to put more work in the chain construction, do a good job in the chain will not only increase the number of search engine included, but also to enhance the Site page or column page weight, And also can get long tail keyword better rankings, so we suggest that we work more in the chain construction.

6, video website Marketing Promotion

We are very familiar with Youku, Tudou, 酷6网, net push 365 suggest if you have time, you can record a section of their own blog content related to the video introduction, and so on, and then upload to the major video site. Because of the large number of visits to these video sites every day, if you put a few videos on these sites, it is advantageous to advertise your blog site image.

7, the use of RSS to promote

I believe that many blog promotion friends will put RSS to the site page most prominent position, preferably using an orange-yellow RSS icon, and catch shrimp nets, Feedsky and other RSS tools to bind, whenever you publish articles, will sync to these RSS sites.

8, Micro Bo and microblogging group promotion

Now has entered the "scarf" era, the major portals have launched their own micro-blog products, Weibo has other promotional tools can not be compared to the "fast propagation, wide range of publicity" advantages, the use of a good microblogging promotion is necessary. We do our own blog promotion is no exception, you can first open their own official microblogging, and then with their own independent blog to synchronize the binding, each update blog, micro-blog can also be synchronized updates. At present, the more useful mass micro-blogging tools have Follow5, 9911 micro-blog, etc., FOLLOW5 can bind more than 20 microblogging or community sites, each micro-blog can also be bound to 1-3 different accounts, a total of dozens of micro-blog or community, so that we promote more relaxed freely.

In addition to micro-blog, now Sina, Sohu, etc. also opened a micro-blog group and other tools products, micro-blog group can also be understood as before our common circle, we might as well establish an own official microblogging group, such as Sina Weibo group can be crawled by search engines included, So it's a good idea to use the microblogging group to promote our own independent blog.

Second, blog profit chapter

We can not only take their own blog as a common site to see, to learn to run their own blog, operating a blog as their own business to do, and ultimately to achieve commercial operation, to achieve the purpose of profitability.

1. Advertising Alliance

Do network promotion friends know more well-known advertising alliance has Baidu Alliance, Google Alliance, Mop Alliance and Taobao Alliance, we are operating their own blog, you can set aside a few ads in the page, we suggest that the home page should not be placed too much to text content, just in some key position on the ads can, If the home page ads too much, will give you a very messy feeling, such as column page or content page can find some suitable location placement ads. When your blog is getting more and more traffic, your ad league income will also increase, of course, do independent blog friends do not want to earn advertising revenue and do blog, not to earn advertising revenue and the implementation of cheating, we must put the idea, the key is to do a down-to-earth blog content, Your advertising revenue will increase as you increase your blog traffic.

2. Paid Articles

Now online free articles are more and more, the net push 365 proposed to do a blog when you can set up a "member column" and other paid columns, to add some paid articles to the blog, these content only when members pay to open the browsing rights, so as to add some revenue for their blog.

3, Sales of goods

If possible, you can consider selling domain names, host space, all kinds of gifts and so on. From the experience of the United States, blog users online shopping ratio and the average amount of shopping is significantly higher than the overall Internet user level, indicating that the blog industry relies on e-commerce profits.

4. Website Business

Now do web site construction, website optimization, site planning category of business more and more, you can use the blog to provide some related site classes of business, such as some individual independent blog on the marked provide "website design, website optimization" services.

5. Attracting VC

Individual independent blogs are gradually being transformed from self-expression and self-expression to a profitable platform. At present, there are many individual independent blogs have attracted the attention of a number of venture capital companies, but also a number of blogs through online advertising and other channels to earn money, so the net push 365 think individual independent blog development prospects are still very optimistic. (Text/Triking)

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