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Write promotion article first to understand the starting point, our goal is ranked, all not to rank as the goal of the article, are unqualified articles.

I. Title

The title has the greatest impact on the rankings, emphasizing the importance of the title, because the same article, good title will be ranked well, the title may not be much good rankings.

The general wording of the title: Keyword + short.

The main points of the writing:

1, the content of the phrase to appear keyword participle.

God horse is participle? Chinese word segmentation technology is the core of search engines, I speak of the word, can be simply understood as: keywords split into small phrases. For example: The key words "bucket broken Sky online Watch" can be divided into three of the main split "Fight the Sky", "Dou Broken Sky Watch", "watch online." Therefore, the short phrase is to describe the 3 participle.

2, the short term for the previous keywords to describe.

In the short term, the whole content of the sentence should be written tightly around the key words, such as the title "Shanghai Gynecology Hospital I too underestimate the Leucorrhea", although the phrase "gynecology" appears in the word, but it is not closely related to the keyword.

3, in short, do not appear with the keyword not related to participle.

Take a look at the following examples:

Title: Shanghai Rhinitis Hospital rhinitis Difficult disease Hospital has the benevolence technique. (Related participle: Shanghai Rhinitis Hospital rhinitis Hospital) (Do not want to close the participle: difficult disease benevolence), inadvertently introduced the "benevolence" "difficult disease" of these two participle, search when the relevance of the weight will be part of the two words, you can try, search out the red part may have "benevolence" (the title of 80 points, overall, still good)

Test method: Direct use of short sentences in Baidu Search, see the content of the red and keyword word segmentation fit.

4. There is no negative grammar.

(such as hospital departments do not receive red envelopes hospitals, treatment of impotence will not recur hospital, inexpensive hospital. These words give people a very bad first feeling, saying no red envelopes, others see that you are receiving red envelopes.

5, some words appear high frequency and most attractive.

For example: How, announce, present, advise, compare, how to do, etc. (the hospital of Hebei treatment Prostatitis announces new technology cure prostatitis effect is good; how about treating prostatitis in Hebei Hospital?)

Body Content

To novel content, emphasis on novelty, is because Baidu most like original content, now a lot of classified information platform are down right, because the information is too much repetition. Similarly, the high degree of originality of the article rankings will be good. Text hand to write more, not the full text of the content is copied to typesetting this article, it will not be written, first read the contents of the copy, and then hand hit, can not directly copy and paste. Content as long as the novelty, do not require how high literary talent, many gorgeous words. No less than 30% (at least) of the original content required for hand play.

In addition the article inside keyword density controls under 8%. In general, keywords appear 3 to 5 times. Keyword density control, is a practice of practice, unknowingly can complete this goal, when you write the article, to take the "keyword inserted how much" the idea of writing. Of course, can also occasionally come to a pile of keyword articles, but do not write this, a few days to a piece is enough, may have unexpected effects, but we can not put the ranking of hope in this is not subject to Baidu to see the practice above.

In the article if there is a small title, the small title should also contain word segmentation, small title content is to be around the key words to write. Example:

Title: The latest chapter of Killing God +xxx

Small title: Kill God Newest Chapter-303 novel Web

The format of the search engine is not like, do not think that the search engine spiders do not have so many bad temper, see an article also want to see neat, bad format, search engine identified as the user experience is poor, so the format is very important. Bad format does not calculate the workload, (the article is not typesetting good format in the same vein). Text to the overall look is a structured article, rather than a messy text, such as article more than 10 paragraph each paragraph evenly 20 words this garbage format, paragraph not too much. Can be a small title, the title is also for the key words to write, including word segmentation.

Advertising links one to two times enough, not more than two times, before all think the link the more the better, but the chain will be more than Baidu to judge as false original. If you put the Site Feature article page link, it is necessary to meet the title and content of the article, such as: ' Kill God the latest chapter ' can not put a broken Sky page link.

Links appear to be natural, can not abrupt jump out, or interrupt the meaning of the text.

Above are personal views, content by editor, Welcome to learn exchange! Reprint please keep the source, thank you!

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