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Easy863.html ">panel Virtual host Control Panel is a free, cross-platform set of open virtual host, FTP, space, database and other functions as one of the virtual host Control Panel."

Easypanel installation Process

1, connect your Linux VPS, tools, and recommend using Xshell. Installed on cent OS 6.4 32bit demo.

2, if the VPS does not install a remote session tool, recommended installation.

Yum install–y Screen #安装screen

Screen–s Kangle #创建一个远程会话

3, the installation is relatively simple, just execute the following command.

Yum-y Install Wget;wget Http://;sh

4, according to the VPS Configuration and Network decision installation time, installation completed, the default MySQL password is empty, need to modify the MySQL password, execute the following command.

/usr/bin/mysqladmin-u root password ' new-password ' #new-password for MySQL password, please modify it yourself.

5, the installation process on this side, the background landing address: http://ip:3312/admin/, the default account is: admin, the default password is: Kangle.

Easypanel Simple Settings

1, the first thing to do in the background is to modify the password.


2, then is to set the server information, some settings to see their own situation bar.


3, the completion of the setup, you need to initialize the server, otherwise open space may be wrong.


Easypanel Set product Launch host

1, want to open the host, you need to create a product, simply to create a host package.


2, add a website, enter the site name, password, domain name, product/custom, this side of the website name and password is the future FTP account and password and MySQL account and password.


3, the appearance of the host compared with the previous version, there are some obvious changes.



Easypanel because it is developed by the people, if the panel to open the host to sell, or good, after all, from the perspective of the Chinese development.

If you want to open the host to sell, you can integrate their other product "Vhms", but commercial, or recommend the use of commercial version, the problem is also good to solve.

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