Nexon plans to integrate subsidiaries will exert China and European markets

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The plan of the/psyche1004 NEXON2011 year is to strengthen cooperation with up to 12 development studios and subsidiaries, so that enterprises stand firm in the international market.  NEXON2008 acquired the "Dungeons and Warriors" of the development company NEOPLE,2010 year after the acquisition of Ndoors, Gamehi and other companies with development strength, through this series of acquisition activities to integrate the outstanding development power and IP (intellectual property). Nexon also carried out a large-scale corporate reorganization in 2010, with both the new development organization and the live services organization replacing the original individual game development projects. Such a reorganization puts forward a higher demand for coordination and integration among organizations.  Nexon said that next year's goal is only one of the "Nexon of the World", Nexon to mobilize all its subsidiaries to work towards this goal. Nexon that they will try to ensure the independence of subsidiaries such as Neople, Ndoors and Gamehi, and integrate them with the company's development strategy through flexible policies,  In addition, Ndoors and Gamehi's former overseas legal persons will also cooperate with nexon overseas legal person to make the organization operate abroad more efficiently.  2011 Nexon Major Development strategy: the use of new rules game to strengthen the core areas, expand diversity platform, expand and strengthen overseas enterprises.  The 2011 new book, "Sitting in the Kingdoms," Nexon in the current PC games, mobile games (including ordinary mobile phones and smartphones), social networking Services (SNS) and other diverse platforms based on the completion of most of the development and sales rights contract signed.  In Busan, 18th to 21st this month, the G★2010 International Game exhibition published in the Web Game "2010: Seoul" is expected to be officially launched next month, and ndoors development of the Web Game "sitting Kingdoms" will be the first half of next year to seal the test.  iphone, ipad Special version "running Kart Rush" popular game "running kart" and iphone, the ipad special version of "Running Kart Rush" will be launched in the first half of next year. has been very popular overseas "Rocky" and "Adventure Island" "CS" "Dungeons and Warriors" and other games services will also be further improved and strengthened. At the same time, new market development is also on the agenda, "Storm" in the Chinese market, and in the United States, the popular "Rocky hero Biography" will also move to Europe. (Edit/Ming)
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