"Non-Donga" flower drop-donkey-hide-gelatin focus on traditional process inheritance and promotion

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Donga gelatin for the birthplace of donkey-hide gelatin in Shandong province Dong, to obtain the national mark of Origin registration certification for the National Intangible Cultural Heritage--Donga donkey-hide gelatin production technology The only representative of the company.  Leading products "Donga" Brand Donkey-hide gelatin has more than 3,000 years of history, Han and Tang to the Ming and Qing dynasties has been the royal tribute, because of its complement and not biased, the past dynasties of Materia Medica as "Saint." Just before the "2011 China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposition", as the sole representative of the intangible Cultural heritage of traditional medical technology, Donga-gelatin was named "2011 China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposition" Excellent award-this is after the 2010 World Expo Millennium Gold Award,  Donga Donkey-Hide gelatin again obtained from the social affirmation. Donga Donkey-Hide gelatin is able to obtain such high evaluation, its root cause and its unique water quality and production process indispensable. and Donga Donkey-hide gelatin experience Millennium Unique production process, it will be dong Donkey-hide gelatin brand influence brought into the tens of thousands of households. Donga Donkey-Hide gelatin people, to let "Donga" brand famous, must be in the process technology of a recruit.  Therefore, in the production process, Donga donkey-hide gelatin will be the traditional process and modern technology to combine, and strive to create the most exquisite gelatin brand. Donga Donkey-Hide gelatin focus on traditional crafts, and adhere to promote honesty. From the most original raw materials, quality assurance to start, the integrity as a corporate culture, as a systematic project. Integrity into the enterprise's values, become an important part of corporate culture, the control of enterprises and staff action. On the country to speak good faith, do not engage in tax evasion, not fake accounts, for many years has maintained the "Advanced Tax Enterprise" title. To the customer speak good faith, quality excellence, genuine, do not make false advertising, do not engage in commercial fraud, and distributors, distributors, terminal retailers to establish strategic cooperation Alliance. Relying on good faith, they won the market, to win loyal consumers, but also to win the merchants, collaborators and other social resources, many collaborators have become their product consumers and investors.
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