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Xinhua Beijing, December 10, the November macroeconomic data are expected to be announced 11th, in the media reports here, multi-party analysis that after 9 consecutive months of negative growth, the consumer price index (CPI) in November will be positive.  According to the Shanghai Securities Daily, Changbaoliang, deputy director of the National Information Center's Economic forecasting department, said that November China's CPI will certainly be positive, probably between 0.5% to 0.6%. reported that the main reason for the November CPI positive, the first is the effect of warping factors.  Last November, China's CPI was 0.1%, the trend of price rise basically stopped, which led to a positive price this November. Second, there was a series of new price increases in November.  Since November, China has experienced a large area of cooling and rain and snow weather, food prices have increased significantly. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, three consecutive weeks from November 9 to 29th, the market prices of edible agricultural products, which were monitored in 36 major cities, continued to rise, by 0.6%, 1.3% and 1% respectively.  Influenced by seasonal factors, the prices of pork, eggs and vegetables have risen in different ranges. According to the Securities Daily reported that the Galaxy securities macroeconomic researcher Jing Daming said that the domestic economic recovery is good, the demand is on the rebound, CPI will be positive, the highest may not exceed 1%, but should be able to reach 0.7%.  But the negative positive of the CPI also suggests that inflation is starting to appear.  In addition, Jianfang, chief macro economist at Citic Securities, also forecasts November CPI growth of 0.6% per cent year-on-year. The report also warned that, despite the 2009 package of economic stimulus, a series of macroeconomic data improved month round, China's economic recovery, some experts continue to say that the economic recovery has no doubt that the Chinese economy is still facing many problems, the implementation of a year of active regulation and control policy has not yet to exit.
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