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SEO to do outside the chain of methods thousands, formal we do not say, I have some "folk prescription."

1 Use XX Library to carry out the chain of documents

First we need to have a PDF file, how to make a PDF file, you can download a wps, edit the text, and then click the output PDF document, such a PDF file is released, and then we go to the library to look for the same title, if there is the same title, hurriedly change, upload, wait, Then basically successful, generally this large library spider also come more, so don't worry about the inclusion of problems. Also, the library here says not only refers to the Baidu library, such as the bean Net is also feasible, and some of us to find it.

Advantages: High weight, quick effect

Disadvantage: tired.

2 Forum name is domain address

We can often see the A5 forum, there are several people whose name is "www.xxx.com", what they can do, we can do. Every post he sends is an extra chain to his website, so every day down can also add a lot of outside the chain, basically you are the webmaster are irrigation master, every day A5 gossip tens of thousands of posts are basically like this, this method I have not tried, can not make some conclusions.

Advantages: Convenient and quick

Disadvantage: "I don't know if there is any effect."

3 make their own "XX encyclopedia"

Regular people say that in fact, Baidu Encyclopedia is the first domestic SEO site, this I can not deny that, within the chain, user experience, has reached the ultimate, the user initiative to create content to share, users to help the site SEO, this site we can not break, then we have to play force, use the universe to move, Turn your competitor into a partner, write your own website encyclopedia, then to the major search engine encyclopedia on the login, there are Baidu, search, wiki, interactive, write all upload on the line, of course, if you do not write this introduction, the most labor-saving method is to copy, to see how the competitor's website to write, If you really can't write, then the money you have to go out, Taobao has sold, I do not recommend, ad will be free.

Advantages: High weight, user experience, credibility enhancement. Once。

Disadvantage: I really can not find any shortcomings.

4 using high weight platform to carry out chain

Do not know the webmaster to see some movies, TV dramas, anime and so on, we generally see? Youku, potatoes, and so on some large video sites, then there is no attention, in fact, these platforms can also be done as a chain and released, for example, we can in the title, Introduction, write their own domain name as a chain, Even more directly create an album, album title is a number of domain names, in fact, here is a little black hat seo meaning, because these sites do keyword speed is very fast, basically included in the Baidu home page, many people use these large-scale platform to do some "video cps" to obtain high income. I just put this method to the positive, but this method I personally tested, sent 20 such outside chain, the next morning was Baidu closed, really very excited. If you are lazy, you directly to find someone to send it, of course, or a little price, if you have the money you will find someone to do, do it yourself without money.

Advantages: High weight, easy to publish, this method is basically in such a large web site failure to be possible.

Disadvantage: If all is deleted, it will hurt a little, but as long as not to do illegal words are generally not deleted

The above I said the chain is for Baidu, because Baidu view outside the chain, see is the link widely, rather than anchor text, the fact that the simple link is also effective, this article is here. Good bye.!

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