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Now the internet in China to large and medium-sized cities and counties, regions and so on, more and more people have learned to surf the internet. So the network will be more and more business opportunities. and the Internet search engine in the commercial advertising occupies a certain advantage status, at present our country commonly used several big search engines are: Baidu, Google, Yhaoo, Youdao, Sogou, search and so on. Now more and more enterprises began to pay attention to the network to their value, have set up their own corporate web site. Then let a Web site for real value is not easy, it has to go through a long period of continuous publicity to play a very good effect. So now enterprises have to search engine bidding and site technology optimization methods to get the value of the network.

177 car simple talk about website selection optimization and bidding for their relationship:

Baidu: 60% of the domestic network search engine market, advertising on it is a large amount of money, generally only large enterprises and medium-sized enterprises can pay this fee, while in medium-sized Enterprises can only analyze some of the necessary keywords to do the bidding to get good results, otherwise the expense is very large, and small businesses and private companies, it is difficult for individual companies to pay such fees, while China is generally in the small business a lot. But the effect of Baidu is good is that the cost is too high to accept.

Google: China's market accounted for more than 20%, Googel and Baidu like the opposite, it has achieved small and medium-sized enterprises in the network dream, but now the network competition is also very large, large enterprises it and chose Baidu will also participate in the Googel competition rankings. and small and medium-sized enterprises can not compete with large enterprises in some popular keywords, because all search engines are pay-per-click, click the price is basically the same. Just the difference is that the number and the preset and the frequency of clicks are different, so there is a big difference in the cost of payment. But Googel effect is also good, in the Googel for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to compete with large enterprises in some key words, advice to the website and product analysis, so as to achieve very good results.

Yhaoo and other cable engines: only 20% of the market, all the search engines are the same pay-per-click, but Baidu clicks a large number of people. These search engine traffic is very small, but more or less people search can be appropriate input.

Website optimization and Analysis technology: now more and more enterprises also adopt the technology of optimization, but the different network construction station company charge price and the optimization method not the same value produces the same, now the general website optimizes the price also is not very expensive, because now does optimizes the company, the team, the individual also more and more.

Enterprise business for large enterprises all over the country, I built with the user experience to build a good site, do not use optimization technology, and then do the corresponding search engine bidding rankings can be. If it is a medium-sized enterprise, I advice choose the appropriate keywords in the search engine selection bidding rankings and product correlation. If it is a small business and private companies, I am a good choice of keywords and product relevance to make a good site optimization, appropriate comparison of which search engine is appropriate, at the same time in product-related search engine for bidding. If it is a small company, team, individual, etc., it is best to choose website optimization and appropriate management of the website corporate news and products related information.

Summary: Now all search engines are too commercialized, so advice general enterprises choose to use optimization method to achieve the goal, and if the enterprise chose a search engine to put ads, do not in this search engine to optimize, to optimize different search engines. Because it's hard to get ranked when you're adding optimized technology to an ad search engine. At the same time, enterprises in the optimization must be carefully considered, or you do not make the ads after the competition is difficult to get ranked. At the same time there are human intervention in all search engines. So different enterprises advice choose different ways to make the site rankings and traffic.

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